“Snapchat’s Local Stories shift could help it fend off Instagram’s Live Stories clone”

Snapchat takes measures to update their platform and offer competitive content against new market leaders.

Key Takeaways –

· Snapchat removes “Local Stories” feature

· Debuts “Event Specific Stories” dynamic

· Have not completed eliminated the local market as they will still feature their “Campus Stories”

· New direction to help them fend off clone features from other apps such as Instagram.

· Main difference between Instagram and Snapchat for the time being — Instagram’s algorithm ensuring that their users get a variety of live stories to view based on their current preferences within their app and those linked to it. Whereas, Snapchat users’ feeds are often manually determined.

Personally I am glad to see Snapchat taking measures to update their content and platform as a precautionary measure against their new competition. This means that they are taking account of their new competitors such as Instagram and Facebook Live. Although I am still apprehensive about the app’s future, given the fact that they had to officially lay off fifteen employees that curated their “Local Stories” feeds instead of redirecting them towards new projects. Amongst all of the existing social media platforms today, I commend the creators of Snapchat for essentially creating an entirely new category of social media activity for people to interact with. For this reason, I think that they should always strive to stay on top of the “Live Stories” market. Snapchat deciding to update the functionality of their app is the first step in assuring their place at the head of this social media category for now. However, they still need to look into updating their algorithms and how they determine what their users view in their feeds. Snapchat feeds need to be more automatically personalized towards each individual user’s social media preferences and tendencies. Instagram has used such an algorithm for their users since they launched and therefore already provide their users with the content they prefer regardless of having added a “Live Stories” feature. The proper use of algorithms may be the essential aspect that sets these top apps apart for the time being. If Snapchat manages to cater even more to their individual user’s preferences, businesses using social media will look to them as an outlet for receiving more clientele rather than something that people use to communicate in a fun way.