A Twitter Experiment

Most people who know me know that I #LoveTwitter.

I’ve been Tweeting for almost ten years now, I check it several times a day and I’ve even had the pleasure of previously working for the company itself.

But I’m sure I’m not alone in finding Twitter a bit ~intense~ in 2017.

Every time I open the app I feel like I have 50+ accounts all screaming at me in real-time about the Latest New Bad Thing™. It’s a little draining and unfortunately gets further amplified by events that attract divisive commentary (special shoutout to the 3-month #marriageequality postal survey campaign!).

With all of this in mind I feel like I need a change.

Obviously I could never give up Twitter (it’s still my fave way to find out what’s happening in the world) but I do want to curate, refine and improve my Twitter timeline to bring back the fun that made me first fall in love with it.

For this reason over the next week I’m going to unfollow all the accounts I currently follow and start rebuilding my timeline from scratch.

It’ll take a few days as the platform has unfollow limits I don’t want to trigger (I’m not a Russian spambot, I promise). Once I’m at 0 followers I’ll begin slowly re-adding accounts starting with my personal friends and then see how I go.

Obviously I don’t expect people to care too much if I unfollow them but in case you do please know it’s nothing personal and I’ll probably be re-following you in a few days/weeks/months anyway.

For some accounts (such as the hundreds of journalists that I follow) I may start following you through a Twitter list, as while these accounts are *AMAZING* in a breaking news event they can, over time, be a little overwhelming during daily negative stories due to the sheer volume and overlap of content.

I’m looking forward to to seeing if/how this experiment will change my Twitter experience (and perspective on the world) for the better.

I’ll keep you posted.