Gary Broderick Bio

Gary Broderick is a community organizer who has worked closely with parents, students, and teachers in Richmond.

Gary Broderick (far right) speaking on panel at “Protecting Public Education” event organized by Support Richmond Public Schools, Richmond Teachers for Social Justice, Richmond Education Association and the Richmond City Council of PTAs

During his time as a parent organizer with New Virginia Majority, he was part of key victories: successfully pressuring the School Board to put forward a needs-based budget and winning democratic reforms to the Mayor’s Education Compact. Broderick, was quoted in Style Weekly sounding the alarm on the dangers of privatization and has been a key voice warning about the encroachment on democratic governance.

Broderick’s writing has appeared in RVA Mag and the Richmond Free Press, where he has pushed for understanding racial justice as at the core of the struggle for high quality public education.

Gary Broderick (far left) and his co-workers at Eastway Elementary prepare to walk 23 miles to demand full funding of schools

Broderick is a former Instructional Assistant at Eastway Elementary in Durham, NC and a former organizer with the Durham Association of Educators. In his time in North Carolina, he played a leadership role in organizing an educator-led #StudentsDeserveMore march, where parents, students, and teachers marched 23 miles to demand more funding for schools. Broderick began his public education activism, while living in Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia announced it was going to close 37 schools; Broderick was one of 19 people who participated in a civil disobedience to prevent the school closings.

He is a candidate for Richmond’s 7th District School Board seat.