Oxygen levels: low; my heart malfunctions

Life has thrown a spear through my chest

As I fall to my knees, the walls crumble

My insides exposed

Winds drenched in corruption gusts into the hollow

The wretched omens erode the slits of my brain

Falling into a shrouded abyss of my own making

The palms of my soul clinch onto my sanity

My eyes roll back dreading what’s to come

A grave dug by my own lack of self-worth

Thoughts flood through my crippled mind

Am I going to let this pain,

Equivalent to an infinite tearing of my flesh

Drag me down into the depths of despair?

A rush of oxygen flows into my shriveled lungs

Blood pulses through my veins

A stick to a drum; my heart beats in rhythm to my breath

My eyelids clamped like oyster shells

I can envision the faith that keeps me alive

A serial killer to his murderous instrument

As I rise to the surface;the words come to me clear

I am the Master of my Fate

I am the Wielder of my own Destiny