Clothing Embroidery: Producing Beautiful and Long Lasting Designs on Clothes and Garments


In the olden days, clothes were made to protect and cover the body. Clothes were made basically by stitching with needles and thread. As time whirled by, various kinds of clothes were made via various means. People began to make use of sewing machines and such other devices to decorate and beautify clothes. With time, people also began to practice cloth embroidery.

Clothing Embroidery

Clothing embroidery involves decorating and beautifying clothes by applying thread or yarn with a needle. Clothing embroidery also involves using materials such as sequins, quills, beads, pearls to beautify clothes. Clothing embroidery is available with various yarn or thread color. Some of the stitches used for clothing embroidery include cross stitch, satin stitch, running stitch, blanket stitch, chain stitch etc. Stitches are very important for the process of clothing embroidery. In modern times, clothing embroidery is no longer by the hands. Computerized embroider machines have been created to ensure that the process of clothing embroidery is easier, faster and more beautiful. The designs are sewn on the cloth or garment. The designs via clothing embroidery last for a long period of time as they appear longer on the garments, unlike images and designs that are printed on garments. For texts and logos that would have a lasting appearance on a garment, it is best they are stitched on the garment via embroidery. Clothing embroidery involves the use of latest industrial embroidery machines that provide top class finish.

To ensure that embroidered machines can be able to produce logos on garments, logos are manually drawn in such a way that it can be read by the machine. This process of conversion is regarded as digitization. Clothing embroidery is the perfect means of producing a brand image or logo on a garment. This is because the image or logo would be clearer and last for a very long period of time. It would not wash off when garments are washed. This makes it more efficient than printers that print images on garments. The printed images do not last for a long period of time as they fade easily and can be washed off when garments are being washed. Clothing embroidery provides embroidered garments that would be perfect to give a strong identity to a workforce and also promote a brand. Clothing embroidery involves the use of various colors to ensure that images are beautiful and complement the garments. Clothing embroidery provides top quality that cannot be compared with. It ensures that designs on a cloth or garment are special, attractive and long lasting.

Embroidery Business

Embroidery business has begun to boom as people prefer having designs embroidered on their garments instead of being printed. This is as a result of the benefits of clothing embroidery. Various embroidery businesses have been setup in various cities across the globe. These businesses make use of top quality material and state of the art facilities to provide the best clothing embroidery to their customers.

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