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Clothes are in different kinds as they are made with different materials and in different ways. In the past, clothes were basically made just to protect and cover the body. However as time whirled by, they began to be attractive and beautiful as they were being made in different styles and designs. Clothes are beginning to have images, logos, patches etc stitched to clothes

Embroiderd Patch

Embroidered patch, which is also regarded as a cloth badge, is embroidery that is made with use of fabric backing and threads or yarns. There are different means by which an embroidered patch can be attached to garments. They can be sewn, attached with pin, Velcro backing, dryer heat activated adhesive and iron-on. Embroidered patch is an art that has been in existence for a long period of time, as simply needles and threads were used. In modern time, computerized machines are used to ensure the whole process is easier, comfortable and faster. With the computerized machines, various embroidered patches can be made and attached to garments in few minutes. There are different kinds of embroidered patches as they are made in different sizes and styles. An example is the custom embroidered patch.

Custom Embroiderd Patches

Custom embroidered patches are customized patches made in different designs and styles. These embroidered patches are usually made in the style that is wanted by customers. Patches could serve as means of identification and people might want their patches to be customized in a particular way for various reasons. This is where custom embroidered patch is advantageous as one can get to decide the style and design of the patch that is embroidered on his garment. For example, there are various custom embroidered patches for forces such as navy, air force, army, police etc. There are also patches for teams, clubs, groups, associations etc

Custom Patches

Custom patches are usually embroidered in different designs and styles. These patches help to beautify clothes as they are very attractive. Furthermore, they serve as means of identification. Groups, clubs, associations usually have the same kind of patches embroidered on their uniforms. Custom patches are very beautiful and attractive. They are usually made with various kinds and colors of threads and yarns to bring out their beauty and meaning. Unlike other kinds of patches, customers can get to decide the style and design they want on the custom patches. Custom patches are made in various places across the world

Custom Patches In Canada

Custom patches are made in Canada by top companies that are filled with professionals in making custom patches. These professionals are top experts that are highly skilled and talented. They have great level of expertise as they have worked with various clients for a long period of time. Custom patches made in Canada are of top quality as they are made using state of the art facilities. The materials and equipment used in making the custom patches are of great quality. At Canada, one is sure to get various beautiful and attractive patches.

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