The Internet Economy
Chris Dixon

Couple of points

  • Delivery sharing companies like Deliv will do well for last mile delivery and helping malls to still exist
  • Google will continue to be used for research on products, Amazon needs to clean up it’s reviews and possibly use AI to clean out the fake ones. Why do I need a review that says the item arrived quickly, that says nothing about the product. Google is doing more app related things outside the web on mobile by getting gmail to surf the web via chrome app and lock you into the g*world. I do wish Google+ would die.
  • Google glasses, — might not have been the best interface to computers, but something like this will happen, watches glasses that allow for alexa, siri type conversations. Google Glasses are useful for instructions or even watching people assemble products and alerting them to doing something wrong.
  • Facebook will continue into ecommerce stores, news, anything to lock people into the FB world and keep you from going to other places
  • Consumers do lose and have to jump through hoops for things like AppleTv not working with Amazon Video.
  • Netflix could be mentioned as a company that changed from dvd to streaming to original content.
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