Why i love photography

If someone were to ask me, “why do you love photography?” it would be a tough question to give a straight answer to. I guess if I had to try to give a short explanation, I would have to say I just really love being able to capture something beautiful. I personally really love landscape photography and anything to do with nature because of all the bright colours and just being able to capture the natural beauty of planet earth and mother nature.

Probably my personal favourite thing about photography would be being able to capture things that aren’t normally seen by the human eye. Typically macro (close-up) or freeze photography.

The images above I actually took myself. The main reason I love them so much is because I didn’t really have an expectation when taking the photos. I was kind of just messing around with the shutter speed for the first time and it worked so well and I just remember how excited I was when I looked at the photos afterwards.

When i bought my first macro lens off of eBay, i didn’t really expect it to be very good as it was only about $10 and professional macro lenses can be more than $1000. Anyway, a few days after it came, i was at my cousin’s house and we decided to play around with it and see what we could do. Turns out it worked a lot better than i expected and it made me so happy so we spent about an hour just taking photos of our eyes.

This photo above would have to be my favourite out of all of the ones we took because you can see all the detail in the iris.

I even really like these basic images that I took when I was bored. The first one is just a close-up of my friend’s motorbike that I don’t really know why I like it, I guess it’s the bright green mixed with the darker shadows and the contrast with the black that just looks really cool.

The second image is just a close up of an oil slick butterfly knife and personally I think anything oil slick immediately looks 10x cooler but what I love about that photo in particular is how it perfectly focuses on the writing.

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