A Very Boozy Brodigan Christmas

One thing that happened over 2015 was that I discovered the cooking shows…while I decided to lose a massive amount of weight. You know, because obviously.

So that’s what my weekend’s have become. I put on some music, make myself a cocktail, throw some food into a cast iron skillet and see what’s what.

The cocktail part of that is the topic of this post, because with Christmas this week, you’re probably going to need a drink or four to deal with everyone in your family. And while some will send you home with talking points to politicize your holiday dinner (and make you that one member of the family no one likes), here’s a few options to fool around with and get at least half a buzz going as needed…


1 Part Bourbon
1 Part Peppermint schnapps
3 Parts eggnog

The best thing to do here is to just mix all the ingredients into a growler and keep it on the bar. People can help themselves, or at least they can if you are sharing. You may not want to.

The Consultant

The Consultant
3 Parts bourbon
1 Parts ice

For those late nights on the campaign trail, or when you can’t sleep because someone is wrong on the Internet, this gets the job done. Especially, when you boss or clients pick up the tab.

Before we go any further, I find it necessary to point out there are two types of bourbon in this world.

This is the bourbon you drink either straight or on the rocks…

Put any of this in a mixed drink…and I will kill you.

This is the bourbon you mix with drinks…

Good enough for Kid Rock

Moving on…

Chocolate Revolver

Chocolate Revolver
1 part bourbon
1 part Coffee liquor
1 part chocolate milk

No, I didn’t actually use Knob Creek. But the bottle of Beam was kicked, and empty bottles make for bad pictures. It also makes it look like you have a problem. I don’t have a problem. You do!


1 part sweet tea vodka
1 part amaretto
1 part apple cider

I find this works really well as a brunch drink. And if you don’t have a drink during brunch, it’s really just a later breakfast. Don’t be the guy who doesn’t have a drink during brunch..


1 Part Vanilla Vodka
1 Part Creme de Cocoa
1 Part Apple Cider

A little something for the ladies. It’s basically like doing shots, only classier since we’re not in college any more (yet still as effective). It also goes well after a few shots. I never claimed I was classy…

Strong Island Iced-B

Strong Island Iced-B
1 part bourbon
1 part Shiner
1 part Iced-T

This was just me being bored one night looking for something to go with my first attempt at chicken fried steak. It wasn’t terrible, just needs a little work…

Not pictured, mainly because it’s still a work in progress, is BrodiPunch. Ginger ale, Rum, and Liquor 43. Possibly ice cream.

Merry Christmas. Drink in good health.

Or if you don’t celebrate, allow me to suggest the shrimp fried rice and the new Star Wars movie.

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