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Is music streaming good for artists in the long run?

Often, music streaming companies are seen as the enemy to artists because of the common assumption that Spotify is taking advantage of the artists. However, what many fail to realize is that in most cases Spotify is not the enemy, in fact it is the music industry. Music streaming companies, including Spotify as well as Apple Music are not the ones to be blamed for the amount artists receive. The blame needs to be directed towards the labels the artist is signed it because in actuality they are they ones who decide how much the artist receives through the contract. Music streaming companies do not directly make negotiations with the artists, they make deals with the labels. Instead of having hatred towards music streaming companies, more people need to realize that it is not entirely Spotify’s fault in the long run. In many cases, Spotify has helped artists create a platform in which they can gain a support system and spread their music across the globe.

First, Spotify with its 50 million paying subscribers and its fellow rival Apple Music with its 20 million have created such a huge platform in the music industry providing artists with a way to get their music to people around the world. The two major companies have gained the respect for millions of listeners due to their affordable cost and even provide discounts for college students. In addition, both companies each week create playlists for the listener based on their music taste, and as a subscriber to both companies, I can truthfully say I have discovered hundreds of new artists thanks to this amazing service. With our busy schedules, it is hard nowadays to take the time to sit down and find new music to listen to so buy having Spotify and Apple Music create this playlist for you, it is able to save the listener time and discover new artists to listen to! From personal experience, the playlists have helped me discover up and coming musicians and because of music streaming have been able to support the artists in a variety of ways. For example, after hearing a song I like on Spotify, I immediately click the concert feature which tells me if the artist has any shows coming up near my area. From there, I am able to click the link and purchase tickets which is extremely convenient and efficient. The curated playlists have proven to be of extreme help to artists because listeners are discover tons of new music each week and artists are able to gain more support every time their song appears in the playlists! In many cases, artists make a majority of their money through touring and heavily rely on their fans to come out and support so they can continue putting out new music and tour new cities. Music streaming companies have aided artists in creating their own platforms by featuring a collection of new artists/ music each week which proves, they are not the enemy.

Overall, music streaming companies till this day continue to be misunderstood and more individuals need to realize that these companies have provided a way for artists to spread their music to millions. The labels are the ones who determine how much the artist will receive after distributions, not Spotify. Yes, artists may not be getting paid enough, but that is an issue that needs to be discussed with their record labels. In the beginning, the artist may not make the majority of their money through the music streaming companies, but through music streaming are able to gain a following which often leads listeners to support them on tour and various forms of social media. Music streaming companies help provide that first step for up and and coming artists to embark on their music journey by creating playlists that feature the artists music. Without Spotify and Apple Music I would not have discovered many of my favorite artists so I have a huge appreciation towards both the services. In the long run, spotify along with other music streaming companies allows listeners to expand their music taste at an affordable price and aid artists in gaining a following.

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