Fairfax Media Website Redesigns

About Fairfax Media

Fairfax Media Limited is one of Australia’s largest diversified media companies. The group’s operations include newspapers, magazines, radio, Domain Group and digital media operating in Australia and New Zealand.

My Approach

Starting with the idea of a modular home/section page and 16 x 9 images as a prerequisite, I created a grid which could be the scaffolding to build the structure around. From mobile up to desktop the grid kept the structure clean and simple.

To give the sites some personality and differentiate sections at a glance, I created colour coded sections.

From there I experimented with many sections blocks, with the aim to keep it easy to navigate but interesting to the eye. With the exception of the featured opinion piece & blocks containing the necessary MREC ads, the entire site fits to the grid.

With logic to include the standfirst (lead paragraph) if the article doesn’t have a lead image and the ability the move blocks around, the possibilities are endless.


Check out the full mockup