How does the process of choosing LWIAY winners work exactly?

3 min readApr 6, 2018


This week’s LWIAY episode brought us a ton of great new memes. We also learned that Brad and Sive are responsible for there never being a bonus meme. Additionally they seem to have cut out DewittDrake’s fan art from one of the earlier episodes even though Pewds reacted to it. What?

All in all it was a great episode and we had a lot of fun watching it. However since the episode featured many new authors we were a little overwhelmed to say the least. How do we make it so the process of choosing a winner is as fair to others as possible? To whom should we send the most BroFistCoin?

These questions (and more) forced us to come up with a better process of choosing the winners.

Adjustments to the process

Because of the sheer volume of new and hilarious memes featured in this week’s LWIAY episode we decided to make some adjustments in the way we reward meme creators with BroFistCoin from now on.

BroFistCoin’s supply is limited

As many of you already know, the total amount of BroFistCoin in existence is limited to 50 million coins. There will never be more than that, ever. Therefore we can’t be handing out hundreds of coins after every LWIAY episode because we would simply run out of the coins very soon.

100 BroFistCoin per LWIAY episode

From now on we have decided to allocate a fixed amount of 100 BroFistCoin for each episode. And, as you may have guessed, all of those coins will be divided between the meme authors who got featured in LWIAY. But wait, there’s more!


There are a few additional requirements that have to be met in order to receive the reward.

  1. First and foremost, PewDiePie has to clearly point out your meme and say something like “well done” etc.
  2. We will also consider how intensively Pewds laughed at your meme.
  3. Reposts will not be entitled to the reward.

Explanation of the process

Once we have picked out the winners we will check how many upvotes each meme has received from the community.

This means that the final decision is still in the hands of the community as a whole and not one single person. We then use that number to generate a pie chart seen below.

From those finalists we will then pick the top 3 and create yet another pie chart to display the winners of the current week’s LWIAY episode. This will effectively show us how many BroFistCoin to send to each winner.

As you can see from the chart above Anusdindon, the creator of the new LWIAY intro, has received the majority of upvotes from the community and has therefore claimed 1st place on this week’s episode. Well done. You will receive 55.3 BroFistCoin.

2nd place goes to user DewittDrake, who created this beautiful fan art of PewDiePie. Looking at the chart above you’ll know that 28.7 BroFistCoin will go to you.

Finally the 3rd place goes to Acserus who draws and turns people into demons. Good work! You are going to receive 16 BroFistCoin from us. Make sure to reply to our comment with your Ethereum address.

Fairness and transparency

To sum up the process we will first look at how PewDiePie reacted to your meme. After that we will check how many upvotes the community has given to your meme. Then we create a pie chart and choose the winners based on those variables.

By using the total amount of upvotes each participant received from the community we are ensuring that the process of choosing LWIAY winners is as transparent and fair as possible.




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