A Collector’s Guide to MarbleCards
Johan Unger

I mean… it’s great and all, but why does everything on Ethereum (or elsewhere) have to be so damn expensive? Isn’t it enough to just have to pay for Gas? While the concept is great, it doesn’t really help with mass adoption when users have to pay for everything right off the bat.

Personally I would have done a free airdrop (like with Meme Awards 2018 where you only pay for Gas) to the first “marblerer” and then whoever wants to buy the card off of them is welcome to do so in the future.

I found some good marbles, but just because it has a price tag on, it immediately puts me off. It’s not the amount that’s bothering me, it’s the strange profit-first mindset that’s annoying. Yeah. Sorry about the rant, but this is something I really needed to get off my chest. Good luck though. I’m sure it will do better than anything I will ever develop!