Im most handsome 2018! *gamer girls react* (LWIAY from Jan 14, 2019)

PewDiePie was voted as one of the best looking men in 2018. Jesus cries on camera, fans still meeting fake PewDiePie’s around the world and PewDiePie did an oopsie. All this and more in Youtube’s favorite show- LWIAY.

There were about 47 memes in this episode. I removed some because they were links to Youtube videos, not Reddit links. And it’s really inconvenient for me to process them. Don’t worry, they wouldn’t have won anyway. Idk… do you want free BrofistCoin? Let me know. I’ll even give you free ETH if you like. I don’t need any of that. I can give you my house too. Just take everything. I’m done with this…

#1 meme — Jesus from Fiverr… by cakeluvr6969

Jesus from Fiverr was raised in a cult but YouTube helped him break out of it. his ex-wife who is still in the cult want to take the kids and he can’t afford the lawyer. Can we raise awareness, not only so a good guy can see his kids, but to keep the kids from being brought up in a cult.

I honestly don’t know anything about any of this so I guess it’s cool and all that PewDiePie has helped Jesus Christ himself. It’s a Christian channel after all. I just hope Jesus Christ isn’t the Antichrist in disguise who is going to scam everyone.

Dat SpaceX merch tho…

Crying Jesus wearing SpaceX merch [Reddit] [IPFS]

Congratulations cakeluvr6969 for winning this week’s episode. With 72,665 upvotes you got 1st place and 39.2 $PEW (That’s what BrofistCoin is called now)

#2 meme — I met a look alike couple at my mall… by duhpenetrator

Imagine how awful it must be to be recognized constantly everywhere you go and you have to force yourself to smile when inside you just want to rip that guy’s head off because you can’t even go shopping with your girlfriend anymore for even just one minute without being asked to take retarded cringy selfies like this one.

Meh… I guess it’s not that bad.

If I ever saw PewDiePie in real life I would follow him around singing bitch lasagna until he punched me in the face and then I’d hook up with Vox media to spawn the most hateful article about it. I can already imagine the headline: “Outrageous! PewDiePie attacks fan, unprovoked, in broad daylight”.

I met a look alike couple at my mall… [Reddit] [IPFS]

But enough of my ranting. duhpenetrator is the real hero. Congratulations you have won the 2nd place in this week’s episode. Your reward is 31.6 $PEW. Enjoy!

#3 meme — Oopsie Doopsie by plainwater27

The 3rd place goes to the oopsie doopsie meme where PewDiePie does, you guessed it, an oopsie by wearing Logan Paul’s merch. Of course he accidentally put it on so it doesn’t really count.

Oopsie Doopsie [Reddit] [IPFS]

Well done plainwater27. You have won the 3rd place in this week’s episode and a total of 29.2 $PEW will be sent to you soon. Amazing!

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