I’m not afraid to say it… (LWIAY from Jan 7, 2019)

Yeap. This is a LWIAY episode from almost two weeks ago. But that’s where I stopped doing these review/giveaways (temporarily) to work on Meme Awards 2018. So here we go again. It’s time to list the LWIAY winners!

According to my calculations there were 38 memes that appeared in this episode. The sum of all the upvotes for those memes, if you’re interested, is 1,157,610. That’s over a million upvotes.

The top 3 memes received a total of 150,952 upvotes. Here’s a chart that shows the top 3 authors and the upvotes their creation received in percentages (that’s the amount of BrofistCoin they get!)

LWIAY winners from Jan 7, 2019

#1 meme — *clap* *clap* merch review by TheChocolateShake

Based on the Suffering From Success meme, this masterpiece illustrates perfectly the darker side of PewDiePie’s success.

*clap* *clap* merch review [Reddit] [IPFS]

Well done TheChocolateShake and congratulations for winning this LWIAY episode. Your reward is 36.1 BrofistCoin!

#2 meme — That’s how Mafia really works by MoLeoBa

A 9 year old’s version of the That’s How Mafia Works meme. What’s cool about this is that according to the latest information Pewds has given us, he still has that car somewhere. I’d buy it. Better than my current ride… -.-

That’s how Mafia really works [Reddit] [IPFS]

Well done MoLeoBa. You have won the 2nd place in this week’s episode and a total of 33 BrofistCoin is now yours. That’s how mafia works ;)

#3 meme — The entire fanbase when they see pewds with the cat ears on again by FxckinNormie

It’s funny because that’s exactly what I thought when I saw him wear the cat ears again. I literally said the N-word in my mind. Only real 9 year olds remember this.

The entire fanbase when they see pewds with the cat ears on again [Reddit] [IPFS]

Well done FxckinNormie. You have won the 3rd place in this week’s episode which means you get a whopping 30.9 BrofistCoin. Keep up the good work.

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