This is the end… (LWIAY from 22, 2019) Why PewDiePie doesn’t like BrofistCoin, how Blockchains can help content creators & a BIG oopsie!

In this week’s LWIAY, PewDiePie along with his entire fanbase of 9 year olds realize together that the sub-gap between the channels of T-Series and PewDiePie just keeps on decreasing. At one point, the gap was below 100k- something that hasn’t happened yet as far as I know (I could be wrong).

At the time of writing, the gap has, once again, increased to around 300k which seems to be considered a “safe zone” in this battle as many smaller pawns are now taking a break. Obviously there’s nothing “safe” about 300k as T-Series can easily manipulate such a small gap by simply hiring more bot-troops.

In the episode PewDiePie, a man clearly in despair, calls out anyone who can help by saying that he is willing to take “any help he can get” literally from anyone. After all, he asked for Logan Paul’s help so it’s clear that he is willing to do anything at this point.

Just look at this man. This is the face of a man who has lost all hope.

Uhh… hello? BrofistCoin is here to help

And as a self-proclaimed Master of Coin in the PewDiePie’s Meme Kingdom I feel that it is my royal duty to continue rewarding meme creators with our meme currency and bring in new, fresh blood from all around the world. Especially the people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and want to earn a little bit of that sweet PewDiePie meme-money.

Fun fact: most of the Chinese people I have spoken to, who hoarded BrofistCoin like crazy back in the day, had never heard about PewDiePie before the BrofistCoin appeared because Youtube is mostly censored in their country. In that sense I like to think I’ve definitely done my part.

But we can do much more if PewDiePie would step out of his comfort zone and shill the shit out of this coin and hype it to the moon and get me a god-damn lambo. It’s all about the lambo in the end. If you don’t drive a lambo you are nothing! Yeah Pewds you are nothing with your cheap Volvo. What the fuck that’s not even a car.

Felix sitting in a Volvo XC90 T8

I bet you T-Series doesn’t have a lambo (well, maybe a fake one)

Hell they even don’t have their own cryptocurrency. Pathetic. Imagine T-Series’s face as you pass them by in a lambo like a real level 90 crypto mafia boss. Just imagine that. All of that can be yours PewDiePie. What are you doing? What are you still waiting for? Let’s friggin do this. You and me, one on one. Right now. Let’s talk business.

Which brings me to my next topic of why PewDiePie hasn’t acknowledged the BrofistCoin project up until now in any way. I want to point out that it’s all just pure speculation on my part and I don’t have any concrete evidence. So take it with a grain of salt. It’s time to put on my tinfoil hat!

Reason 0 — PewDiePie has no idea BrofistCoin even exists

Considering the fact that he had no idea that this game existed, even though it was upvoted on Reddit numerous times all the way to the top and it stayed on the top for a long time, it’s not really that far-fetched to think that perhaps PewDiePie really has never heard about BrofistCoin.

All of the BrofistCoin posts that I have made so far on his subreddit get maximum of 5–10 upvotes so if he only looks at the top voted content it’s pretty obvious he has missed us entirely.

Reason 1 — PewDiePie is being butt hurt

So one theory I’ve had in my mind is that PewDiePie announced the BrofistCoin and hoped to make it into a real thing, but then realized that someone else had already done it.

So instead of contacting us like a normal person he decided to remain quiet and hope BrofistCoin will wither and die on its own. Yeah, not a chance bro.

Backstory for those who are new

It took me literally 3 hours to write the smart contract for the coin, buy the .io domain, get a generic template, modify it and launch the whole thing online in one sitting.

I really rushed it too because I knew someone else would also jump in on the opportunity (as they did!) and I wanted to be the first because I personally never had any ill intentions in mind whereas the other projects tried to cash in quickly by selling their coin and listing it on various pump and dump exchange sites.

Pic stolen from here. That’s all I know.

Instead I got my inspiration from Useless Ethereum Token and thought it would make sense to just airdrop BrofistCoin to everyone for free who agreed to pay for the transaction fees themselves. And in case you don’t know how Ethereum works, none of those fees went into my pocket. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.

Yes, I’m definitely the most glorious white knight and loyal-est troop of PewDiePie, but obviously I would LIKE for BrofistCoin to gain value in the future so in that sense I’m super selfish and I’m not going to deny it. At the time of writing I personally control 10% of the total supply which I hope to fix by sending PewDiePie his share of 2.5 million tokens.

Will anyone tell him about this please?

Reason 2 — PewDiePie’s hands are legally tied

Continuing the previous paragraph about PewDiePie’s share of 2.5 million, I have just recently learned, from a reputable source, that if you’re a public figure and you endorse any kind of cryptocurrency that is worth something, you will immediately be held liable and be, in some cases, forced to disclose any profits you have made to the SEC (or other financial regulatory authority in your jurisdiction) regardless of whether you actually own any of that crypto to begin with.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) US Government agency, with the purpose of protecting investors from dangerous or illegal financial practices or fraud, by requiring full and accurate financial disclosure by companies offering stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities to the public.

So the obvious question is what does count as “endorsing a cryptocurrency” in the eyes of the law? Well, since the legal landscape around crypto is super blurry and weird, almost anything can be potentially viewed as endorsement if you have a good lawyer to back your claims. Which the SEC most definitely has. Which can make even an innocent act of mentioning the coin’s name in public a form of endorsement in the eyes of the law.

Basically what all this means is that it’s simply not worth the effort it takes to hire a lawyer and figure out the best possible approach to being involved with the BrofistCoin project and so my second theory is that PewDiePie, while he knows about us, can’t really do anything to support us because of the uncertain laws around cryptocurrencies in general.

At this point this seems to be the most likely option out of everything I have written here.

But BrofistCoin is not a security, right?

Well, in theory, yes. BrofistCoin does not fall under the classification of being a security because:

  1. It was given away for free instead of being sold to people so not an investment of money
  2. Even though it was free, we still made sure to clearly point out that the token receiver must not have any expectation of profit for their share of BrofistCoin
  3. There never was a common enterprise (where investors pool in their money to invest into a project). We made it clear that BrofistCoin offers no guarantees and there might be absolutely no future at all for the project.

In fact BrofistCoin received absolutely no investments from anyone in any form and the Ethereum network transaction fees that were required to make the coin transfer on the platform were paid to the miners on the network and not us.

Note: the miners are people who have powerful machines that process transactions that happen on the network to make sure that everyone is playing by the book.

So Pewds, if you are reading this one day, maybe the above information will help figure out your next step should you be interested in taking over the project.

Reason 3 — PewDiePie has wised up

Over the years PewDiePie has been involved with so many different scandals it’s getting hard to keep track of all of them.

If I’m not mistaken, the latest one involved Vox Media who went batshit crazy about PewDiePie mentioning an anime review channel which turned out to be ran by someone promoting an alt-right movement.

When things like this keep happening, the obvious way to move forward is to be extra careful with who you shout out in your videos in the future.

And so my third theory is that, since I have never revealed my identity to anyone, PewDiePie simply does not trust a crypto project ran by an anonymous group of people that are shamelessly using his trademark and logo to enforce their own hidden agenda.

Of course this is an overly dramatic version of what I mean, but you get the picture. It makes sense.

Oh wait… PewDiePie did an oopsie (again)!

It may not make any sense at all because PewDiePie recently endorsed an actual scam ICO called SgamePro who is making money selling their scam token to real and oblivious investors who believe that PewDiePie is somehow behind the whole project while in reality he was most likely just offered a huge amount of money for appearing in the commercial they now use everywhere to advertise their crap.

I’m sure PewDiePie has no clue as to what’s really going on which is why it’s so sad because at the end of the day, PewDiePie could be held responsible for endorsing a fraud.

I mean it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they’re going to scam people given that their website is a generic WordPress theme with dummy filler content still attached on a live release.

Or the fact that their Twitter followers, Telegram users and social media likes are all mostly fake and botted.

Not to mention that their entire smart contract is developed by a company known to mass produce ICO contracts as a service and that they are very difficult to track online with the names and faces on their website being most likely bogus to begin with.

What is this shit, really? Source: here

It actually “feels” as though PewDiePie (and even Marzia) are somehow behind the project which simply cannot be true because otherwise we would know about it from PewDiePie himself.

From all the research I did, I still have no clue as to who these people are behind SGame Pro and that’s one of the biggest red flags if you ask me.

You can’t be anonymous while asking for other people’s money on the internet. Especially if you do it by telling people that they can expect a return on their investment. It’s not the 90’s any more. That’s not how things work.

SGame Pro business plan in a nutshell

I’ve read their roadmap and whitepaper and all I could make out of their overly technical and important-sounding speech was that they are going to profit mostly from offer walls.

If you don’t know what an offer wall is, it’s basically a list of advertisements that you can “complete” by signing up on the advertiser’s website or buying some product or service.

The idea is to have people sign up for their offers and earn massive revenue while at the same time reward the user with a completely useless crypto token and call it “mining cryptocurrencies” to make it sound appealing to the newbies in the crypto world. It’s basically false advertising it’s all that it is.

Imagine getting paid BrofistCoin for signing up on websites and even going as far as ordering things online with your credit card, while I’m making all the money as an affiliate for those companies and all you get is a worthless token in exchange. That’s how it’s going to work with SGame Pro.

Now offer walls are nothing new in mobile games. I know other game platforms are doing it too. You can earn in-game currencies by completing offers like that, but these platforms are definitely not selling their tokens at the same time to investors and lie to them about what’s really going on.

Disclaimer: the above rant about SGame Pro are my personal views. I have no evidence to back any of the claims. The reader should take it as nothing more than a form of satire. All of it is based on my own “research” that took less than an hour and I could have probably tried to look into this a little more to make sense of it. That said, when a company is obviously making it difficult to track them online, they can’t be up to any good, now can they?

It’s either that or PewDiePie and Marzia are actually working on SGame Pro. Which, like I said, is extremely unlikely.

This is part of a much bigger problem

If you decide to invest your life savings in a scam and get burned, that’s your problem. Don’t blame the scams. Sure, they are taking advantage of an opportunity, but when it’s presenting itself in a Christmas wrapping, it’s very hard to resist. Human greed is a powerful driving force and main motivator in our modern world.

Hackerboi doing some hacking

The fact that people still don’t do their research and choose to go along with some fake hype FOMO bullshit is the reason why scams are thriving in the first place. It’s not the other way around. Scams would not exist if people were well educated and actually took the time to do a little bit of research instead of running along blindfolded throwing money at every retarded project out there.

Sure, if you have a lot of money it’s not a big deal if you lose a few hundred thousand here or there. It’s acceptable loss. But most of the time the people who are getting burned are generally not very wealthy. Most of the time it’s the small time “investors” who convince their family members into buying some shitcoin because they spent all of their life-savings on it already.

Scams are making it very difficult for legitimate start-ups

All of these types of scams in the crypto world are what are holding back the legitimate projects from actually making something meaningful by utilizing the new and cutting edge technologies.

There are crypto projects out there that are actually aiming for something bigger than a quick way to a lambo. There are projects out there who envision a better future for all of us. Yet most of them are being shown in a negative light because of shit like this.

It’s making me sick. And even worse, I feel like I am merely shouting in the wind and nobody is listening.

At this point, all we can do is pray and hope that companies like SGame Pro actually develop something and deliver on their promises. Otherwise we are all fucked and nobody will take any crypto project seriously ever again.

Hold up! If you’re so transparent and honest, why are you hiding your identity?

Well first of all I am not asking for anyone’s money. I am not offering any kind of investment opportunities with BrofistCoin and the only reason why I am developing anything on here is to learn more about the Ethereum platform and how things work.

A year ago I knew nothing about Ethereum and today I have developed my first dapp that interacts with the Blockchain. If you’re a developer you might not appreciate anything I’ve done so far because, I admit, it’s all just beginner level stuff, but this project has given me a reason to learn and grow over time. I live for this stuff. It’s a passion of mine.

In that sense I am genuinely thankful for PewDiePie because without him I wouldn’t have learned any of the things I know today. It’s exciting for me to be a part of a movement that’s slowly taking the shape of a full-blown revolution.

I’m talking of course about the decentralization of everything. It will happen. It will just take time. And scams are not really helping the cause.

But you still haven’t told me anything about you

Oh give me a break. What do you need to know? I’m not even anonymous at all. I like to say I am because that’s edgy and cool, but if you have even the basic internet skills it’s possible to find out everything about me from my home address to my phone number and other weird personal shit I wouldn’t really like to be known for. It’s all out there. That’s just how the internet works.

I would really appreciate if you wouldn’t start looking into it because I am suffering from chronic depression and moderately intense social anxiety and it would make it very difficult for me. I mean, feel free to doxx me when I have actually scammed someone, but for now please let me live in peace?

I have already stepped out of my “comfort zone” by telling you about my mental health issues. It might sound like nothing to you, but it’s sure as hell real to me. Oftentimes I wake up at night covered in sweat and gasping for air because I had another panic attack while I was sleeping. It’s fucked up, but there you go. I just told you something really personal.

Reason 4: PewDiePie puts his fans above all else

PewDiePie’s fanbase consists mostly of kids who just like to watch memes. They don’t care about crypto and PewDiePie knows it.

I learned it the hard way, pushing and pushing the project that never had anyone listening in the first place. This is actually a recurring pattern in my life with other projects and even personal relationships. I just can’t let something go once I’ve taken an interest in it.

Now I’m not saying I will stop working on this project, but I will definitely stop pushing it to the wrong audience. It’s frustrating and I really don’t have the energy to do this any more. From now on I will try to focus on learning and growing as a developer.

While I genuinely believe that PewDiePie knows and understands the possibilities that blockchain technologies have to offer, I also understand that he has to put his fans first because that’s why everyone loves him.

It wouldn’t help, then, to start pushing some crypto project to the fans who have no clue what all this even means and still think that Bitcoin is something only drug lords and criminals use to launder their money on the dark web.

How can crypto & blockchains help PewDiePie and other creators?

The easiest way to understand blockchains is to think of them as open and transparent public ledgers that record every single transaction that happens on the chain and store it permanently for the whole world to see.

But blockchains are much more than simply a means to transfer monetary value between two people (cryptocurrencies). Thanks to Ethereum and other similar projects, we can now develop decentralized applications that run on the blockchain that are not hosted in a traditional centralized server.

Instead the “DApp” runs on hundreds of different nodes who don’t trust each other and have to keep an entire copy of the blockchain for themselves to confirm that everyone else is playing by the book.

This is different from a traditional server where nobody from the outside has access to the inner workings of things and can’t really prove whether something malicious is happening on the server side or not.

To put this into perspective, imagine a video sharing platform built on the blockchain. On that platform creators earn cryptocurrency for every like they receive. There is no need for advertisements.

All of the content is permanently stored on a decentralized platform and duplicates do not exist. If someone were to upload the same exact copy of a file, it wouldn’t be stored as the platform already knows about it and serves only that file to the viewers.

Everything is governed by the platform users including the “removal” of unwanted material. Now you can’t really delete anything from such a platform once it’s uploaded, but the front-end application that serves the content can definitely choose what to serve and what not to serve.

Basically anyone can open an “issue” on any piece of content, explain why they think this is not a good fit, and wait for the community to pass a vote on the matter.

Once the majority of participants have voted on the case and the vote passes, the front-end simply takes note of the content and will not serve it in public any more. The file will always remain on the platform, but in order to look at it, you’d have to build your own special “unfiltered” kind of front-end application.

Furthermore, the ownership of content is tracked throughout the platform and the original uploader will always be known and can’t be changed later. So even if someone tries to upload a duplicate, the front-end would still show the original video from its original author on that copycat’s profile.

Final words before I continue

Phiew. That’s been… awkward and refreshing. I needed to get some of that off my chest for a long time. I just read it all over again and it doesn’t even sound that cringy to me any more. What do you think? Did I go over the top? I like to think that I covered some really important topics in this way-too-long article.

I’m sure nobody will even have the patience to read through it all. Oh well…

LWIAY Winners

Let’s start this off with some statistics. There were a total of 1,249,946 upvotes on all of the 39 memes that appeared in the show. I couldn’t find the source for one meme and I apologize for that, but it was at the end of the episode so it most likely wouldn’t have made it to the top 3 anyway.

Speaking of the top three, a total of 180,040 upvotes were given to the best authors this week. That’s a lot of upvotes. Here’s a visualization on how the top three compete against each other:

Since we’re giving away 100 BrofistCoin per episode it makes the rewarding process really easy. All we have to do is send each of the authors the amount of BrofistCoin seen in the percentages on the chart. It’s clever, I know. I came up with this all by myself. A real financial expert. Plots charts and doesn’t afraid of anything.

#1 meme: THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING !!! by TouchMe8

The meme of the week is… pure gold. What can I say. It’s funny because it’s true. Pew News is a legitimate news source. I’m not even joking right now. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but this time I speak the truth.


Congratulations to the author, TouchMe8 who will be receiving 33.8 BrofistCoin for their hard work. Well done.

#2 meme: We’re sinking bois by mrbananoid2

In this sad and dramatic video we witness the final moments of the crew who are going down in a ship full of kids while playing bitch lasagna as their last goodbye.

We’re sinking bois [Reddit] [IPFS]

Congratulations mrbananoid2! For this epic edit you shall be rewarded 33.2 BrofistCoin.

#3 meme: That would be Epic👏👏 by EdenSanigou

And finally, the third meme for the week. A petition for Pewds to get his parents on the show to make him relive his childhood traumas all over again. What an excellent idea.

That would be Epic👏👏 [Reddit] [Reddit]

Well done EdenSanigou. We sure appreciate your work even though PewDiePie obviously didn’t. Congratulations! Your reward is exactly 33 BrofistCoin. Enjoy.

What’s with the glasses though? I’ve seen even Pewds himself wear those. Must be a mafia thing. You know, like the secret handshake of the illuminati.

Special bonus meme

But wait. There’s more! PewDiePie personally pointed one of the memes specifically. It would appear he enjoyed it the most and when you look at it, you’ll quickly understand why.

It’s a perfectly crafted fan-art with 15 hidden references. Can you spot them all?

Pewdiepie, the Memekiller [Reddit] [IPFS]

A job well done Goddasaurus. You definitely deserve a BrofistCoin reward even though you didn’t make it to the top in terms of upvotes.

As a special bonus reward we will personally deliver 100 BrofistCoin to your Ethereum address should you be interested. Work like this must not go unnoticed. Keep it up!

How to earn BrofistCoin by creating memes

At the moment we are rewarding BrofistCoin based on the upvotes your meme receives from the community.

However upvotes are a terrible way to determine the quality of a meme because there are just so many variables that can work for, or against you. But at the moment it’s the best approach we’ve got.

So if you create a meme and if it gets enough upvotes to make it into the LWIAY episode it will go through a final selection process which involves me putting each of the memes in a spreadsheet and sorting them based on upvotes.

I then take the top 3 upvoted memes and generate a pie chart based on that data. From then on it’s easy-peasy as I only need to contact the 3 meme authors and tell them they’ve won. So far the response rate is minimal, but it’s not zero!

How it all works and how to claim your BrofistCoin reward

In order to actually receive your BrofistCoin in your virtual pocket, you must first create an Ethereum wallet for yourself. I’ve tried my best to make it as straightforward as possible so just go here: Wallet Generator

In case you’re wondering why you need an Ethereum address and not a BrofistCoin address then you should know that BrofistCoin is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum platform. They share the same address!

Contrary to what many people still think, Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency but a platform for developing decentralized applications. Some of the more notable “dapps” are CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, CryptoZombies and even a decentralized Twitter called PeepETH. Now there’s much more going on in the space, but these are my top picks for you right now.

So, in order for you to claim your winnings you should first create a wallet and then send me your Ethereum address.

Note that transactions on the Ethereum platform require Gas (fee to be paid to the network miners in Ether, the cryptocurrency) so that means that if you want to send some BrofistCoin to your friend, you must first have a little bit of Ether in your wallet along with BrofistCoin.

That’s definitely not ideal, but at the moment it’s the best we’ve got to work with. I’ve heard rumors about developers working on a special type of smart contract that would allow the fees for ERC20 token transfers to be paid in that token instead of Ether, but there are currently more important things the developers need to figure out so the idea was put on hold for the time being.

Note that receiving a token costs nothing. It’s the sender that pays the fees!

BrofistCoin Mining Simulator

The Mining Simulator is a fun side-project that tries to show what it’s like to mine cryptocurrencies

To make the process of acquiring Ether as simple as possible I have developed the BrofistCoin Mining Simulator that can be used to both mine BrofistCoin and mine Ether depending on which you want to receive as a reward.

It works best on a desktop computer with a Google Chrome browser. I have tried it on FireFox and while it works there too, it has certain layout issues that make it look weird sometimes.

Make sure to read the Readme.txt file on the simulator’s desktop to better understand what’s going on and how to set up the simulator to “catch” your Ethereum address so I can pay you your reward.