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photo by Jana Romanova

Smelling The Things She Dreamed Of

Broke-Ass Stuart
Jan 12, 2015 · 1 min read

One of the best things in the world is
kissing the person you love
just as they are waking up.

The orange western light
sneaks in through the clefts
between your grey curtains
and the off white walls
and for this moment alone
there are no sirens
or shopping carts
or madmen screaming
on Folsom Street below.

You kiss the soft corner between
her eye and her temple
smelling the things she dreamed of
tasting the way she feels
just before she stretches.

For these brief seconds
there is no talk
of things you have to do
or plans you have to make
or ways you’ve let each other down.

There’s just the quiet strum
of pulmonary rhythms
synced by sleeping near each other
and love.
So much love.

She is yours alone
until the day fully breaks
and takes her from you.

This piece originally appeared on

It was written for Ashley Lauren Dickinson.

Like this piece? It’s in my new zine called Love Notes and Other Disasters. You can get it here!

You can also find me on twitter and facebook.

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