Christians Do’s and Don’ts

As the election season is blowing up our media pages let’s keep some valuable things in mind. This election is bringing up more emotions and disagreements than ever before. I get it…it’s a contreversial race full of matters that are near and dear to us. Yet, even so there are a few guidelines we would be wise to live by within these messy & loud days. Not only do we have the opportunity to stand for truth but we also have the privelege of sharing the One who holds everything in His hands and dearly cares about our broken world. So, as you interact with others remember you not only represent yourself but also God the Father.
  • Do more listening than speaking
  • Do pray for our Country for wisdom
  • Do look at your own sin before sizing up others’ struggles
  • Do work at building bridges instead of walls
  • Do not wait for our country’s leadership to do what you can do as you interact with people on a daily basis
  • Do be approachable as others are struggling to sort through their own beliefs
  • Do offer more hope than fear
  • Don’t forget that God used people less than perfect and even evil to bring about revival in certain countries
  • Don’t get involved in foolish arguments where you lose your integrity
  • Don’t compromise your beliefs
  • Don’t use scripture incorrectly to prove your political stance
  • Don’t live from a place of scarcity
  • Don’t become distracted by all of the media and lose sight that God has ultimate control

We live in a broken world and we have been placed here for such a time as this. May we spend our days wisely as we invest in the people of this world. May everyone we speak to and interact with leave less burdened and more hopeful as we point them towards the One who gives us true peace!