Don’t Let Me Ever Forget………

As we walk into this Holy Week your walk may feel more like a stumble or a stagger……..maybe your year has been shattered with more struggle and pain than you’ve cared to experience as you feel the weight of the world piling upon your shoulders. We are surrounded by the shrapnel and brokenness of life yet in the dim & darkness of the night we catch a glimpse of light that swallows our darkness ushering in its hope…….

‘Just don’t let me ever forget Jesus’……..the words desperately rolled off her tongue with tears brimming on the edge of her eyes. The Drs had just diagnosed her with Alzheimer’s and she rushed up to me that Sunday morning grabbing my arm. As every ounce of me was fighting back tears I wrapped my arms around her & promised I’d do everything I could to remind her of Him….she nodded, ‘yes, yes do all you can do to help me remember Him…..I never want to forget Him!’

I walked away from her wondering if that would be my response in the midst of the hard and the difficult diagnosis……would I yearn and hunger for Him alone?

Abandoning my earthly relationships for my Heavenly ONE?

Her question has crept into my thoughts over and over again…..I want Him to be my ONE thing I never want to forget. My mind goes back to when I was in High school and my Grandma was diagnosed with Cancer and came to live with us. While she got more & more sick her mind became less & less like hers….she always asked me though to read her the Bible it was when she was the most peaceful. Other times she was frightful as she was continually paranoid my parents were poisoning and holding her hostage but not when we read the Bible together. In these moments she laid still on the bed just restfully soaking in the words, peacefully receiving them like medicine to her soul.

I hope if I ever have to walk through a doorway like my friend I will be brave and courageous enough to tell my friends to not ever let me forget Him… her, that I will abandon all I chase after here and instead run into the arms of my Heavenly Father……never wanting to forget His face. But today I must be filled with this ONE desire, for if I don’t chase after Jesus in my now I won’t long for Him……then.

I want to remember Him down to the deepest part of my desperate soul…..yet even if our minds ever forget Him-we can rest our souls in the truth that our Heavenly Father won’t ever forget us……not for even a moment of time because its impossible for Him……He has engraved our names on the palm of His hands where He took the nails for us.

So whether you’re crawling or dancing into Holy Week look for the light that pierces through your darkness…’s easy to think our lives won’t ever get better & we’ll be broken forever, yet if we can be brave and pass out some of His hope in our suffering we’ll find its His holy hope that we’re all needing!

So tonight I’ll say my prayers with her request….

‘Just don’t ever let me forget Jesus’ for if I have Him I’ll have everything but without Him I’ll have nothing!

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