‘Lady not Thanksgiving….’

Yesterday was truly a ‘Thanks-Heaven’ kind of day!

Yep this is my new favorite phrase for Thanksgiving. My friend’s granddaughter taught me this sweet expression and I just can’t quit sharing it!

As she told her grandmother who she calls ‘Lady’-

‘Lady it’s not Thanksgiving, it’s Thanks-Heaven’

This has been a hard year and nothing heals my soul more than to thank heaven for blessing me through it. As we gathered this week with my husband’s side of the family, we got to see each of the family members, which is a great reason to thank-Heaven! Our family is personally living in a transitional season with our four sons in four states, so getting together with family, is especially nourishing to my soul. As we gathered with hugs and hilarious stories of remembrance, laughter filled the room and echoed through the walls-leaving us with much to be grateful for.

Hard & painful days have a way of making the times of gratitude sweeter…..it’s the wounds which enlighten us to the reality and blessing of the healing, so that when the healing arrives- we’re able to walk with the broken in compassion and understanding while expressing gratitude towards Heaven. You see, without struggles we can often miss the beauty in our ‘thanks-Heaven' kind of moments.

For its in the hard, ugly & broken days where beauty arises from our ashes and our mouths can overflow with gratitude for the blessings we discover……we find them nestled within these priceless moments as our souls feast on the blessings from above.

This week I’ve been reminded of this, although I’ve recently lost my Mom I now get the blessing of welcoming little ones into our family. This week as I got to snuggle them while rocking them to sleep whispered thanks-to-Heaven for filling my empty arms…..God’s got a sweet way of doing that! He generously continues to give~ providing me with boundless reasons to thank-Heaven.

The struggle and hurts that life bleeds coupled with the giving of thanks brings health and healing. I know this, because that’s what kind of year it’s been…..my heart has bled deeply yet my heart’s response has been to give thanks. Why? Because it’s where peace and contentment lie -it’s easier for our tongues to grumble in misery than to have joy birthed in gratitude but without thanks we give way for bitterness-Joy is what I have chosen, for in joy I've found hope.

I am walking away today with a heart full of gratefulness knowing every painful difficulty I will encounter in my days to come, will be met with a multitude of blessings to thank-Heaven!