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Sean Parker and Silicon Valley’s noxious taste for narcissism 

Or why no one wants to hear about your wedding…again. 

It’s the latest disruptive innovation from Silicon Valley: Sean Parker has found something more awful than having to sit through a slideshow of someone else’s wedding photos – the 9,666-word self-justifying wedding essay.

Despise meat eaters all you want but an abattoir is not Auschwitz 

Why Sunny Hundal, Morrissey and their defenders are dumber than the chickens they love so dearly…

Oh! What an ugly bore!

Michael Gove’s war on common sense 

My great-grandfather on my grandfather’s side spent two-thirds of his life suffering the effects of a gas…

My tracks of 2013: pop, rock, hip-hop and all that good stuff

Just some songs that saved my soul in ‘13. 

The incredible digital chopping board built by an intern

Sharper design…

“Sharper design from Sharp.”

Children understand the internet: don’t let your fear define how they use it 

Our survey says your survey is total bollocks

The Circle Jerk

Dave Eggers, the plagiarism claims and another guy who just doesn’t GET startups…

Dave Eggers is an interesting writer. An interesting writer…

Investors who want to oust Bill Gates are ingrates

Bouncing Ballmer was right but Bill must stay 

There’s only one class of tech beast that I despise more…

Goodbye yellow Silk Road: the online market for drugs destroyed by human frailty

The FBI’s win will be short-lived.

The Royal Baby Blues: Stop Pretending Those People Are Better Than You 

To be a fan of the Royal Family is to believe fundamentally that some people are intrinsically superior to…

Rejecting the Porsche Principle: Being Honest About Success or The Lack of It. 

There’s a theory that a salesperson should rock up to customer visits in a better car than they can…