What the fuck?
Mike Chambers

What if I told you that instantly and completely jumping to you own conclusions while calling half the country names just makes you look super sad and stupid. It doesn’t mean you care about the truth. Which is ironic based on your post. You clearly care about nothing more than calling names and forming your own speculations/allegations against millions of people. The people you’re saying want Comey to lie. There is a lot of people here that want the truth. Not just to come glorify a sociopath that deliberately inserts the prospect of additional evidence to a case he’s involved in when there is no additional evidence. I mean at the end of the day he’s playing fucking games with a federal investigation about him. Talk about mature cooperation for the truth and our country.

Next up, video footage of Trump setting fire to a church and molesting orphans.

After That, Mike Chambers will tell us how Trump can do no wrong and everyone is just out to get him.