8 New Songs You NEED to Hear

Broken Stereo
May 29, 2019 · 3 min read

It’s almost summer which means it’s time to add some new songs to your summer playlist! Whether you’re looking to have a party or just relax at home, these 8 songs are so good that you’ll be playing them on repeat all summer long.

  1. I Want My Money Back — Tiffany Day

What It Sounds Like: If Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF” was mashed with Tyler, the Creator

If you’re obsessed with YouTube covers, you’ve probably stumbled across Tiffany Day’s channel. What you might not know is that she writes really awesome originals too! She has the voice of an angel and her style draws a lot from R&B and Indie pop.

2. Grateful — Mahalia

What It Sounds Like: A steamy night with your crush

I recently discovered Mahalia’s music and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with her songwriting. She draws influence from other female R&B artists including H.E.R. and Normani. She keeps her melodies simple but the magic is in her lyrics and the story behind each song. She keeps it honest and really connects with the listener.

3. About You — Fletcher

What It Sounds Like: An anthem about your ex

If you’ve ever heard FLETCHER sing, you’ll know that she has a very powerful voice, and this song is no exception. “About You” is a song about thinking of your ex and not being able to stop thinking about them. The song features a very heavy distorted bass and lots of fun vocal effects

Gloria — The Lumineers

What It Sounds Like: A remix of “Ho, Hey” with a piano solo

I love “Gloria” because it makes me think of an energetic acoustic folk band on the stage at an open mic. The Lumineers are known for their thick, dirty and very raw acoustic sounds, and that’s what makes this song so special. They only use real instruments, which is rare nowadays, and they mix it up with some jazzy piano chords.

5. Want What You Got — The Beaches

What It Sounds Like: An 80’s dance party

I remember going to see The Beaches when they opened for Walk Off the Earth a few years ago, but they’ve become one of the biggest names in the indie rock genre. “Want What You Got” plays around with all the elements of 80’s dance music including a driving bassline, extremely distorted guitars and filtered vocals.

6. I Lost A Friend — FINNEAS

What It Sounds Like: The perfect ballad for a rainy day

We all have those days when we just need to take a breath and reflect. FINNEAS gets very honest in “I Lost A Friend” as he talks about having a fall out with his friend because of his career. The lyrics are absolutely stunning, as is the music to accompany it.

7. You Were Good To Me — Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler

What It Sounds Like: Saying goodbye to someone you love

Jeremy Zucker is back with another collaboration with Chelsea Cutler. (Their first one being “better off” released in 2018.) This time, they made an entire EP titled, brent. This sad duet between the two singers is about reflecting on a failed relationship but also acknowledging the good times they had together. The song is very piano-driven and keeps it simple.

8. mind games — Ren

What It Sounds Like: The next song to appear on the Billboards

“mind games” is such an addictive song. The song does a very good job of utilizing the distorted guitar riff and a very catchy bass line to create a big, heavy atmosphere that perfectly suits the lyrics of the song. Ren’s voice is so hypnotic and special, you can’t stop listening to it.

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