Sasha Sloan Takes A Unique Approach on EDM in New Single, “Runaway”

Since the release of Kygo’s “This Town” where Sasha Sloan was featured, her career has taken the spotlight of a new era in EDM/dance music.

Sloan is a budding artist that uses her soft, yet coaxing voice in parallel with soft rhythms and muted harmonies. This creates an atmosphere almost as if she were singing underwater or from another universe.

Her new single, “Runaway” features a somber bass first played by piano, then passed onto the guitar. She takes the standard EDM beat, heavily favouring the bass, and adds a ‘popping’ sound to highlight key words as she sings.

In an interview with Complex, Sloan says that the song is about “being afraid of getting too close to someone” and her lyrics portray that beautifully. Throughout the song, the line “I don’t know why I always runaway, what we had was special” is repeated over and over to paint the idea that she keeps coming back to the situation in her mind and that she is confused and lost about what to do next.

The song is more ambient and simple, rather than upbeat and complex like most EDM songs. The beat drop that leads into the chorus is a bit sudden and both the chorus and verses are a bit short for my taste. There were some places where she could have expanded on her ideas rather than repeating the same phrases throughout the song.

Sasha Sloan, like many new artists are exploring EDM/dance music in new ways and there is a wave of new music coming as artists like Marshmello and Martin Garrix are becoming more and more popular.