The Math Behind The 5-Hour Rule: Why You Need To Learn 1 Hour Per Day Just To Stay Relevant
Michael Simmons

your pseudo-analysis is terribly flawed. how can you use examples of the sciences with “half-lives of knowledge”, and then tell people to learn these things on top of other things? you cannot learn anything worthwhile (and retain it) while doing something else. it will be useless factoid knowledge and wont help you in any aspect of your life. I dont care what “hacks” you use, you wont learn any science or philosophy without sitting down and getting your hands dirty with it. youll have a shallow understanding and only be able to parrot things out and make people think you’re smart (as youve done in this article). If you want to be up-to date with knowledge in a field, you have to pick an incredibly narrow field and become an academic on it, otherwise youre merely scratching the surface. Theres nothing wrong with not knowing everything and not staying up to date with everything, its not going to negatively impact your quality of life unless you let it. And, have you ever considered that none of what we are learning is actually beneficial? Society and technology advances, yet most people cant answer the most basic philosophy questions and find meaning in their lives. 5 hours a week of reflection and self questioning would do most people much more good than memorizing 15 new elements while preparing their weekly avocado toast