Banks Fails to Lead Following Issues at DMC

State Rep. Brian Banks, chair of the Detroit Caucus, has remained silent on the issues facing hospitals in the Detroit Medical Center system, including Children’s Hospital of Michigan (CHM). While parents are faced with the issue of dirty instruments being used in medical procedures, Brian Banks has failed to act. When nurses, doctors, and staff are facing violence from patients and visitors at Detroit Receiving Hospital due to security lapses, Brian Banks has failed to act.

Brian Banks’ silence on the issues facing the DMC is a demonstration of two key reasons why he should not be re-elected: 1.) he is not showing an interest in protecting our tax-dollars in Lansing and 2.) while he is handling his personal legal matters, he is not able to focus on the needs of the community.

Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Michigan taxpayers spend nearly $1.9 billion on medical services annually. Nearly 95% of Detroit’s children receive medical coverage through medicaid, so you can be sure that for a majority of Detroit’s children ending up at CHM, all of Michigan is paying for it. So if we’re paying for it, why should we accept mediocrity? Do not misread my statement, I think that children deserve protection and care, I also think that we as taxpayers should demand more than mediocre results when we spend our tax dollars.

The Bureau of Community Health Systems launched an investigation following the Detroit News’ report of dirty instruments being used at DMC hospitals, highlighting a story of a child who was treated at CHM. Brian Banks, chair of the Detroit Caucus in the state legislature, has not deemed this problem worthy of his time.

Michigan law allows lawmakers, through their committees, to subpoena files of state departments, boards, institutions, and agencies. While Banks could not necessarily investigate DMC on his own, he could make the proper inquiries to ensure that those individuals in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services know we aren’t going to accept this anymore.

Instead of advocating for safer hospital care for children and those that require emergency medical care, or showing taxpayers we are no longer accepting mediocrity, Brian Banks has been trying to fend off his 11th felony conviction and stay out of prison for the rest of his life.

Detroit can be certain that as State Representative, I would have the necessary conversations and take the necessary actions with DMC leadership to keep Detroit hospitals safe for patients, visitors, and staff.

The next time your child or parent has to undergo a medical procedure, Brian Banks is doing nothing to ensure the quality of that care. The nurses and doctors providing care for your loved ones are facing a risk of workplace violence daily, and Brian Banks is doing nothing to ensure better security.

There is a better choice this November. #VoteBRO