Ashley LaPoint

Peer Review

I like…

how you asked a variety of different questions to each individual and how those questions varied from person to person as well. In addition, I liked how you brought in influences from all aspects of your life into digesting and dissecting this problem.

I wish…

that you had more major insights or specified where they came from in your blog. Although your experience was interesting and pretty unique, it would have been more beneficial to observe the snacking habits of kids and people our age. It would be really cool if you compared these two results in your observation.

What if…

if your goldfish idea, or the idea of little snacks to entertain and occupy kids for a time, could be carried over into further domains such as supermarkets or salons or anywhere kids need their attention occupied. Lastly, I think you’re on to something when you focus on how packaging, entertainment, and sustainability all combine. There has to be a way to focus the packaging on sustainability and tie the entire thing together so that kids love it.

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