Liana Oja

Peer Review

I like…

I love the detail that went into your observation and the data collecting that went along with it. Also, I liked the simplicity and design of the storyboard. The thick lines in between panels made it very easy to read!

I wish…

that your questions for each interview were a little more open ended or neutral. In addition, although I think your experience is very interesting and worthwhile, it would have been interesting if you could have come up with one that was related to you seeing if you noticed celebrities on the packages and such.

What if…

if we found a way to revolutionize the bulk bin with celebrities and an entertainment focus. We could invent or include a make-your-own-snack machine that allowed you to control how much sugar or what went into you snacks that you picked. I know that is all an idea, but there might be a concept in there that could be applied elsewhere in your research.

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