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Peer Review

I like…

the complexity of the summary and description of your interviews. They provided a ton of insight into your sub theme and the bullet lists were a nice way to visualize your data. In addition, your observation or focus group was really unique in that most people don’t have access to kids to try stuff out on.

I wish…

you would have put the entirety of your questions on the page so I could see whether they were open ended or directive. I also wish that you would have done your story board on your observation instead of your experience. I think that analyzing the steps that kids took in picking snacks or in creating that file holder would have been beneficial.

What if…

Snacking packages had the nutrition labels on the front or some sort of short summary of them. That way parents could easily distinguish healthier foods from not healthy foods in a quick and fashionable manner. Lastly, what if Clorox wipes partnered with Doritos or something messy to create the ultimate snacking experience.

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