When I saw figure 1, I felt that lights and shadows might give the different feelings to buildings and cities. The weather in Sydney is mostly sunny so I thought this technique that emphasises the volume of modern buildings thanks to the use of shadows and lights was the best to express the buildings in Sydney. Because we can check the sun lights and its shadows frequently in the building. Pictures were taken in black and white to focus more on lights and shadows. Figure 2 was taken to make feel better about the volume of the building, creating shadows from the window frame from the right surface of the building. Moreover, as each window which is located from left, middle, and right are reflecting around, the small area between left window and the right window looks slightly more wider and bigger. Figure 3 was taken to show the volume of the right building through the lights which is reflected from the window of the left building. This technique might have the effect of making people more aware of the same amount of space by letting people distinguish between bright and dark areas. Images provide us not only visual of objects which were taken but also the only moment of the buildings or cities that seem to be same every day.

Figure 1. Stoller, Ezra (1915–2004) High Modernism / Figure 2&3 UTS Business building