No Hillary & No Bernie in 2020

It’s simple. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders failed spectacularly to unite the Democratic electorate in 2016, and neither of them should dream of running in 2020. The vitriol and hatred between their supporters is hard to exaggerate, and it will only fester. There are numerous qualified people who have essentially the same agenda as either of them, or a judicious compromise between the two.

In 2020, the watchword will be “anything but Trump/Pence,” and that requires a unity candidate, someone strong enough to win decisively. A fresh face would prevent a replay of the 2016 race, and hold Trump accountable to his term in office. It would be wise for all non-Republicans to agree on some basic strategy, long before the jockeying starts. And this is where we begin. By telling these two losers to sit down.

It’s over!