The life of Not just a Bromley Mummy

Why I started my Campaign:

Hi, I thought it was time to introduce myself and tell you a story about why I have started this campaign for local mummies and how my life completely changed when I became a mum of one little Diva, which took me by surprise of the reality of the unknown and the ups and downs of being a mum.

Before I became a mum I was very much of a career minded and all about me kind of person. I used to roll my eyes when I heard a crying baby and couldn’t even think of changing a nappy yuk!! Those were the days I could take 2 hours to get ready to go out, while finishing off a bottle of Lambrini (yes, I said it lambrini remember those days!!??) and laughing at my friend going on about how she was going to meet Mr right this time. blah blah!

HOW I do sometimes miss those days of just thinking about moi and that’s it… and being able to pee, wash my hair and watch MY TV shows as and when I wanted to. Not forgetting when you could think about wearing matching underwear that was half decent instead of “belly warmers and if they don’t have holes in them they were good to go”, (which were kind of comfortable and I could have carried on wearing them) Not that I would ever tell my poor husband who had to stare at them every day from afar!! Because well let’s face it ladies sex was something I couldn’t even remember ever having in the first place when I became a mum.

The reality of becoming a mum:

When I had my first child I found it so surreal and a bit alien to me,well my sister was always the one popping out the kids and I was always the auntie who came and had fun and then left them with my poor sister hyperactive and not ready for bed. I would then leave and go back to my nice little no responsibility life.

I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that now I had this tiny fragile little bundle to take care of for the rest of my life ‘SCARY’… I could only just about take care of myself and that was hard enough! and part of me just thought HELP give me back my single life again with the 8 hours sleep, crashing out on the settee doing nothing if I wanted to and the let me take my time getting ready with the HOT coffee still HOT when I go to drink it and not to forget my nice CLEAN car with no squashed food or smell of sick!!

Eventually after 2 months of my mum helping me out (and I know secretly laughing at me when I kept apologising to her for being such a pain in the arse when I was little, as I then was facing the reality of being a mum to) and ladies that is a MUST for first time mums, if you don’t have your mum then a friend or relative cause you are going to need that help even if it’s just to go for a poo,wee, cry and a sneaky nap and trust me any little help is much needed. I eventually decided it was time to venture out and discover the world again but this time being a MUM. I felt very vulnerable and all I could think of was god where am I going to get my boob out and what if she screams uncontrollably what do I do????

Mummies the thought behind my campaign:

Is why I wanted to help the NEW, SINGLE, MARRIED, YOUNGER, OLDER, Even the got it soo under control mummies and the not got it soo under control mummies (me)…. because I found it so hard to find out advice on what to do, where to go with a little one, what baby groups to join, how to find new mummy friends ‘who you can at least relate with to take the edge off the loneliness that nearly every mum forgets or is ashamed to tell you when you first become a mum’ AND just to know my local area #bromley with what it can offer me now being a first-time mum. So, I had to really search hard and in lots of different places and eventually I DID..

  1. I Found some fantastic mums that are still in my life today and someone to cry and laugh with without being judged.

2. I found some great baby groups that I surprisingly enjoyed more than I think my daughter did (never thought I would say that)


3. How to give myself a little ‘me time’ however small it may be , cause let’s face it ladies I know we are all super mums most of the time but hey we all need to take our capes off now and then and have that break too..!!

So, for all the mummies out there that have found it hard, exhausting, too much, never ending, cracked boobs, nights you thought you were hallucinating because you hadn’t slept for over 6 months and not to forget MISS no friends now you were boring with a screaming baby and sick always down your top… I salute you all for being one of the strongest human beings I know AND I take back everything I used to think about how easy it must be staying at home and looking after a baby instead of working 9–5 every day. But f*ck me how wrong was I, so ladies this campaign is for all of YOU and who can relate to some of these things I have experienced but still being the best mummy we can be. So therefore, I have started this campaign as it comes from the heart and from the lines and dark shadows under the eyes I have now inherited from being a mum… (Botox I think one day soon)

Giving something back to you fabulous mummies:

So, ladies I do hope you enjoy my journey of wanting to give something back to you amazing strong people, I hope that you will find something interesting in my campaign to help support, make you laugh a bit (which we all need in our lives), not to feel alone and know that in your local #Bromley area there are loads of great support and things to do with your little ones that you didn’t even know of. (which is also good to make mummy friends too) BUT most importantly there is also something there just for YOU and the ‘me time moments’ however small they may be.

Thank you for experiencing a little bit of my mummy life x

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