The Power of False Starts

Been thinking of time and how life will be very different without it.

What if we lived in environments were there was no concept of time? Have you ever thought on how life would be? Would there be days? What would we be working on?

But anyhow, enough on day dreaming. We live in a material world that is governed with the concept of time, which stems from the sun and the moon, sunrise and sunset, day and night, seconds, hours, days, month and years.

All our plans and goals revolve around them. All our work, aspirations and activities revolve around time.

Thus, one of the most precious resource that you can give oneself or anyone is TIME. Therefore never treat is as a cheap commodity.

All other resources are potentially renewable, except time. You can loose money and get it back, you can loose other resources and work hard to get them back, but once time is lost, you can’t get it back.

I do believe that, everyone of us is born with a gift that only they can realize, there is a reason for the existence of all of us, and the world needs each one of us to understand themselves, harness their God Given potentials, and achieve excellence in those gifts and talents.

Have you ever thought of what God given potential that you have that you are not fully utilizing ?

Everyday, that passes by without you not fully working on developing your God given talent and capacities, is one day less of how much you could have achieved, and one day less of what the world could have benefitted from your talents and skills.

If one month passes by, then its one month less of what we could have achieved, if one year passes by, then its one year less.

All what you need to do is START!!

Now, Its a new year, which offers us what i call false starts, which is a moment that feels like a new time, even though in essence its the same like yesterday, just different numbers, but what it offers is truly special. It offers us a point in time to reflect and provide us with a springboard to start things over,..

A new day, month or year, even though all are figurative but provides us with an opportunity to START..

So dont waste them, START…In whatever you planned on doing before, you now have a springboard to jump into the pool and begin to swim, just START.., dont wait for tomorrow, Dont let another false start, pass by.

Remember TIME lost is never recovered, a day lost, is one day less, everytime you dont work on it, it is one month short, everytime a month passes by you have not worked on them…

So use this “FALSE START”, and commit yourself to start.

You are special, and there is a reason for your existence, so don’t let it go to waste.

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