Are you hustling hard? Do you wear your levels of hustle as a badge of honour? Are you doing anything you need to make a da money as an entrepreneur?

It’s the done thing to GET YOUR HUSTLE on and entrepreneurs bandy the term around like utilising (and talking about) the frenetic hustling energy is the only way to get shit done.

Well I almost burnt out last year by embracing the energy of THE HUSTLE. I even had “Hustle Hard Amigos” as a poster behind my desk. I was all about the hustle, even putting it in my launch planner for my students. (I mentor entrepreneurs who are launching online courses).

I fell out of love with the word HUSTLE after a friend noticed my poster in my office and said “You may as well have the word STRUGGLE up there.”

Me and hustle had to break up. The late nights. The all nighters. The bottles of wine. The family packs of M&Ms scoffed while I was HUSTLING, while I was glued to my laptop tapping away furiously.

Because there’s an easier way.

Stop. Step back. Give yourself enough time and choose the energy that you want in your business (and in your next launch).

Choose ease.

Choose grace.

Throw in a bit of grit to get you through the rough patches and it’ll show in your business growth, personal evolution and in your levels of fulfilment and happiness.

— — — —

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