What am I doing here?

The last few years of my life have been plagued with indecision. This definitely hasn’t been a bad thing, but it has been a thing. The indecision began at 16, when my Mum would ask me what I wanted to be when I finished school arguing that with my strong education and my personality I could get any job I wanted. Obviously she has to say that, she’s my Mum- it wasn’t true then and isn’t now. When asked if I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, dentist, babysitter, astronaut, tennis player, I always said I didn’t know. Looking back, I wanted to be them all because there is a small area of each of those jobs that I am interested in.

Good grades and jammy decisions caused me to end up at UCD studying Economics and Politics. After that I bagged a job in Media Sales and Advertising as Sky Media. Talk about falling on my feet.

Over the last few years, I have sprouted a rapid interest in Technology. I am fascinated by its power and its ability to transform lives and equalise opportunity all over the world. On a more selfish note, it is a tool that lets those who use it work in and explore every industry. Thanks to digital innovation I dont have to make that industry focused decision I couldn’t make at 16.( Sorry Mum)

This blog is a diary of my journey through my Masters in Digital Innovation at Smurfit Business School . Beginning with little to no knowledge of Technology, I am excited to what the year will bring as I “ sink or swim” through a year of intense studying.