Crowd Power with Energy4Impact

We are excited to announce our most recent partnership with Energy4Impact, and their new initiative, Crowd Power!

Energy4Impact is committed to supporting projects and groups that provide energy access to off-grid communities. In association with Pozible, organisations will be able to raise up to $30,000 more for their projects, and Energy4Impact will commit up to $300,000 altogether to develop and support ideas for energy efficiency and stability in ‘off-grid’ countries.

What’s it all about?

Crowd Power is a three year program to stimulate, develop and learn from crowdfunding of renewable energy enterprises in sub Saharan Africa and Asia.

Energy4Impact are hoping to provide direct financial support to crowdfunding campaigns aimed at developing sustainable and energy efficient technologies in developing regions. Through Crowd Power, they want to see development for poor or off-grid populations who struggle due to a lack of access to modern energy services.

Successful campaigns will be focussed on developing sustainable and innovative energy technologies, using any of the following:

  • Solar — charging, water, lighting, agriculture
  • Cookstoves — institutional and household
  • Biogas — units, tanks and stoves
  • Biomass — briquettes and gasification
  • Wind
  • Smart metering
  • Minigrids — wind, solar, hybrid
  • Battery systems

Not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations are encouraged to apply.

Money raised can used to cover new inventory costs, administration expenses, research and development, product pilots and giveaways and staff training.

Energy4Impact is committing to contribute financially once a project has successfully raised funds through Pozible. Depending on approval, they will commit a minimum of $1,500 (or 10% of the campaign total) to a maximum of $30,000 (or 50% of the campaign total).

To be eligible

Does it sound like your Pozible project might fit the bill? There are a few boxes you have to tick;

  1. Your campaign target is between $3,000 and $300,000
  2. Your project is focussed on renewable energies, energy efficiencies and low carbon technologies
  3. The project’s outcomes are based in Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladsh, Burma, Kyrgystan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Vietnam) or Sub-Saharan Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.)

How to apply

Easy! Just draft your campaign on Pozible, and email through the URL of your draft to support(at)

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