What has blind devotion to Democrats got for Black people?
Louis Weeks

What party created the Great sociey that helped Black Americans ? What party has fought to cut those GS programs hurting the gains blacks made from those programs you dummy ? What party met the 1st night our 1st black president was elected to stop everything he tried no matter how much it hurt Americans ,especially blacks? What party gave us the trickle down theory that has been a complete disaster for the middle class and black Americans?Which party pushed bad trade deals that hurt working Americans including blacks ? How many factories closed their doors under the previous rethug president that hurt inner city neighborhoods that black Americans live in,taking away any opportunities for good middle class jobs you twit ? ?You are repeating talking points from the rethugs who have blocked every democratic job bills that would have especially helped blacks. As always you are just spewing RW propagands pushed by Fox and RW radio jerkoffs. Go away you putz !

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