Meet Hardy…

He is undertaking the arduous task of composing a tweet.

Not just any tweet though, a tweet that expresses his feelings eloquently and directly towards a perceived adversary.

Here is his journey…

We start with a half formed thought, insulting but not complete.

As the thought swells within his mind it evolves.

He stops to consider his wording, has he gone to far.

Or not far enough.

He realises long gone are the days of James Joyce when an opinion could take a tome to build.

A modern age when ones thoughts if not clearly expressed in 250 characters they are barely worth a glance.

He must take his time.

A good writer knows research is essential and this man is no exception.

At long last the bird has flown and his thoughts revealed to the world will no doubt be lost to time, fore he has be remiss in his lack of hashtag.