Geo-location is a relatively new concept for the humans of the 21st century. This ability is simply being able to see where people are to a pin point, at any given time, using different types of social media. This has been a controversial topic for many, with pros and cons on each side.

Positively this ability can be very useful and helpful to many who wish to be able to watch over one another. For example a couple could enable this ability on snap chat that way they can see where the other person is during work and make sure they get home safely. Same concept could be considered with parents, they could have the ability to watch over their children if they drop them off at a Main Event for a birthday party. The downside to this ability is considered always on and can be viewed by many.

Unfortunately this ability is considered always on, with the ability to turn it off whenever we do not want our friends and family seeing where we are. That “off switch” is not really an off switch, it is more of a ghost mode where no one else can see where you are but you device still knows where you are, and so do those who know how to break down those fire walls. This is not something to be worried about due to the amount of technology constantly capturing our location, security cameras at Walmart or the Mall, use of a credit card at a store, pictures from a friends phone with the location tagged in the description. This is all modern day technology that exists that we need to understand how it all works.

What we have now, the ability to show where we are to whom we want when we want, is something we should come to understand and know well. We need to apply everyday smarts to this new technology and as the old saying goes, “use in moderation”.

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