To do — or Not to do

Sub-consciously we have all made ‘new years resolutions’ or we have made a list of things that we want to achieve.

Well, forcefully it has officially began. So, what makes this year different? Firstly; A big congratulations to myself for going into the new year sober. To some it may not seem as much, but has been one of those things that I wanted to do differently.

I woke up on Day 1 of 2015, with no headache or confusion as to how I got to bed or what I did or said that will haunt me throughout 2015. I had the time to rejuvenate from a very busy year you could say. Thoughts kept bouncing in my head from where I started to where I want to be. This year has barely started and already there is so much to do, so much to achieve and so much to CHANGE.

What is that I want to see change this year? Well, let’s try by starting to shift focus to creativity, spontaneity and credible work. I guess what I am trying to say is; these are my new years resolutions/goals

1. Focus on me
In recent months that has passed, I have allowed many opportunities to pass by because of my desire to please everyone else but myself. This in itself may be a little selfish, yes; you CAN become selfish towards yourself. So selfish that you deprive yourself from your goals.

2. Set more goals
This one is a fall over from the first one, it should have been the first goal. It is second as it can only be achieved when I allow myself to be first. As I focus on me, the process of setting more goals is somewhat obvious. Setting goals allows you to see how much you can and have achieved in one year.

3. Stick to my goals
Just because it seems unattainable right now, doesn’t mean that is. I need to start focusing on achieving whatever it is I set my mind to and yes, I have to stick to it. Keyword here is FOCUS.

4. Make ONE change
Step by step and with careful thought, I am going to allow myself to make ONE BIG change this year. I haven’t decided yet which one it will be, but I have a few in mind.

5. Invest more time
Hmmmmm, by this I mean, investing more time into reading, writing and teaching myself some new things. I love to explore the internet, think it is by time I make use of this productively. The internet is a beautiful galaxy of all new everything, anything you want to know. I am also going to allow myself to explore more workshops. Looking forward to TedXCapeTown 2015.

That will be it for now, I would much rather not write too much as I haven’t thought it -through. I know, I know — this is madness! Right! No, wrong. I feel that I have done exactly one of the goals I have written down, I want to be more spontaneous, To be able to think on my feet! I want to make decisions which I will later look back to and say “Did I really pull that off?” … because at the end of the day; I want to look at this post and say “I have set goals and noted down challenges”

I have focused on ME, it has enabled me to iron out MY GOALS and I have stuck to them, by doing so I have been making changes by investing more time.

Challenges are camouflaged as a goal that requires a lot of TIME, EFFORT and a whole lot of ENERGY.

Throw a punch like Tyson and save like James Bond. Be brave like Hercules and tough like uhhhhhh Hulk? Hulk it IS.

-the end