On white feelings, jokes, and when white people just don’t get it (which is too often)
Ruchika G

It is hilarious to me that you think because you are a WoC that it is okay for you to racialize, stereotype and generalize literally every single white person into the same category that conveniently fits your narrative. Your embodiment off a white person was, in my opinion, a hysterical, attention-seeking, loud white girl — because every white person reacts this way. You also don't think about or see heritage, culture, identity, tradition and language as that which is defined or cultivated by a country or family because again, why would that ever be the case? You don't deserve more or charity for being a PoC, earn it with merit and prestige. Your stereotypes of white people is also centred on North America which obviously represents ALL white people especially every individual who is white on a continent. THE HORROR. You are so narrow-minded and stubbornly set in your views that you cannot admit to your own racism and faults made within that context. In your article your concessions and counter-arguments are incredibly weak and your use of wording immediately makes the idea seem ridiculous and unsubstantiated, in order to garner support from those reading when in actual fact, the support gained just from this is sadly misinformed and biased immediately. Your article has essentially been used to validate your racism and explain away any future blame on yourself from any other individual who chooses to criticize you for being racist.

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