A Random Thought from the Wall of Jerusalem

This was taken from one of my videos from Israel. Check out the rest at http://bit.ly/2fVlr2U.

You know, history is so important to who we are. We look around and you’re standing on a wall that’s been here since who knows how long. Understanding who we are and where we come from is vital to what makes us who we are.

But at the same time we’re going through this city and we keep seeing all of these tourists, and all they’re noticing is these ancient ruins. That’s all they see and they don’t see anything else around them.

It’s so much more than just seeing the cool sites and the history; its what’s actually happening right now in this country, what’s happening to the people and what is it that really matters. In this place there’s a lot of unrest between all of the diverse religious and ethnic groups. People miss that because all they see is this beautiful wall, the beautiful scenery, and the amazing buildings. Which is very important because we need that to understand who we are, but at the same time people let that blind them to what is actually going on in the world right now.

It is so critical for people to understand that, yes, these monuments are important, but what’s actually happening right now is critical. We need to see what is happening currently for history to make any sense.

I look around at Christians and how they view the world and oftentimes we’re very clueless about what’s happening, what is wrong with our world, and what needs to be done to help fix it.

Are you looking at the monuments or at what is actually happening around you?

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