The Declaration of Neutrality—Internet Freedom as a Constitutional Right
Justin Baker

Not that I’m not in favor of net neutrality, but there are flaws in your argument. The 1st amendment isn’t being violated because the F.C.C. is a part of the administrative branch, not the legislative branch. If you want to argue against this on constitutional grounds, you’ll have to find a place in which the F.C.C. is acting in violation of the enumerated powers of the government, not versus the 1st amendment.

The other thing is — well, revising a quote from the Declaration of Independence doesn’t get you anywhere, because it’s not the basis of our government. The DoI was a note sent to a tyrant, and the part you quote isn’t in the U.S. Constitution anywhere, nor are any of its constituent phrases. (“Life” and “liberty” as words are found in the Constitution for utilitarian reasons, but “happiness” is conspicuously absent.)

So, for this to hold together you might have to remold it a bit.