A Cryptocurrency System with Moxy

As digital money becomes all the rage, end users and investors are looking for coins with a competitive edge. Enter MoxyOne.

You can say this about cryptocurrencies: it’s the one market with enough innovation and “disruption” to make it interesting to talk about.

From an investment point of view, the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is in the eye of the beholder. Those who buy it are doing so in anticipation of it going higher, not because they believe it is undervalued on any fundamental grounds.

In other words, the price is determined almost exclusively by psychological factors. And assets that are driven largely by psychology follow tried-and-true principles. Greed and fear are eternal.

Which is why the cryptocurrency MoxyOne is so important. More and more users are clamoring for a cryptocurrency that’s usable in the real world. Investors and consumers are wary of a cryptocurrency that could represent the next Dutch tulip craze. They want something tangible and practical. Hence MoxyOne.

The Brave New World of Finance

First, a quick word about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are digital means of exchange that are secured by encryption, with no physical representation. The exchanges are recorded in what are known as blockchains, which make up the underlying infrastructure supporting the currencies.

Unlike conventional currencies, cryptocurrencies aren’t issued by, and can’t be manipulated by, central authorities. Transactions using digital currencies are highly secure, anonymous, and virtually untraceable, explaining their growing appeal.

Every cryptocurrency is supposed to be linked to a blockchain, which is a distributed computer-generated database of all transactions that have ever taken place in the currency.

Every time a crypto token is used, a record of the transaction gets added to an existing database that is distributed to all major “miners,” or creators of the database. These miners generally have very large computers that use highly sophisticated algorithms to add transactions to the blockchain. The same miners use even more sophisticated algorithms to create new tokens.

Cryptocurrencies are fully “decentralized,” meaning that no bank, not even the Federal Reserve, controls how many tokens can be in circulation or can set new rules. The number of tokens is limited by math, with the number growing at a steady rate.

Tokens are dependent upon a highly encrypted algorithm which makes them impossible to manipulate. They’re also entirely unregulated.

Given all the recent revelations about hacking and the surveillance state we seem to live in, it’s not hard to see why cryptopcurrencies would appeal to some folks. Digital money isn’t subject to the whims of central bank policies and remains next to impossible to confiscate, resulting in a more secure store of value than gold.

Cryptocurrency represents a disruptive technology. Considering that its value can’t be tied to inflation in the U.S., the government reserves in Japan or any other metric that affects the value of traditional currencies, it represents a stable medium of exchange. It’s also impervious to theft, making it a lot safer than stuffing cash in your mattress or gold in your bunker. And a crooked money manager can’t abscond with it.

The best-known cryptocurrency, of course, is Bitcoin. These tokens are actually both a digital currency and a payment system. To get Bitcoins and similar cryptocurrency tokens, you have to first set up a “wallet,” probably online at a site such as Blockchain.info. You then pay a willing seller the necessary hard currency to transfer the coins into that wallet. A growing number and variety of U.S. merchants are starting to accept cryptocurrency as payment.

As such, cryptocurrency seems on the threshold of ushering in a Brave New World of empowering average consumers who don’t trust governments, don’t trust banks, and want to control their financial destiny.

Cryptocurrency also could prove a safe haven in times of crisis, a form of “digital gold,” because it conveys value but regulators can’t mess with it, even if the global financial system collapses. The last financial crash was in 2008. As assets around the world become increasingly overvalued and stock markets appear poised for a correction, cryptocurrency’s appeal grows stronger.

MoxyOne’s Edge

MoxyOne is developing a financial infrastructure for its cryptocurrency that addresses concerns about the real-world viability of these tokens. The solution entails a “white labeling” service that allows companies to become partners and gives them access to the MoxyOne infrastructure.

MoxyOne’s token is called SPEND and it will be used on the MoxyOne platform as service fees.

SPEND is the backbone of MoxyOne, used for individual transactions and resulting fees. SPEND tokens can be used for daily transactions by token holders. MoxyOne provides SPEND holders with a MoxyOne wallet system. This wallet allows users to spend their tokens at merchants or withdraw fiat from ATMs around the world.

SPEND users will be able to perform various transactions with the MoxyOne wallet such as electronic purchases. As SPEND tokens get used, these tokens will enter greater circulation and become an increasingly valuable asset.

White Label Comes to Cryptocurrency

What’s a white labeling service? The concept has been around a long time. It’s just never been applied to cryptocurrencies.

A white label is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. Examples in the commercial world already abound.

MoxyOne is the first Australian company to offer white label services to any Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that plans to issue debit cards to their users. The system’s development begins soon in Australia, with purchases via electronic funds transfer at point of sale, or EFTPOS.

MoxyOne’s goal is to expand the system around the world within the next few years. It’s the sort of financially robust network for which cryptocurrency users have been clamoring.

Powering the MoxyOne system will be the Raiden Network. The Raiden Network is an off-blockchain scaling solution. It allows instantaneous scalable payments at low fees. Raiden complements the proven Ethereum blockchain and works with any token compatible with the Ethereum token standard (ERC20).

Raiden’s ultra-fast micropayments channel will allow the MoxyOne system to communicate with user wallets. By using blockchain solutions and payment networks such as the Raiden Network, MoxyOne seeks to enhance security and transaction speed without compromising ease of use.

Hacking has become a growing concern, especially in the realm of cryptocurrency. For MoxyOne, safety will be paramount. The network will be protected by the Gladius Network, a decentralized platform created to protect against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

At the completion of the token sale, MoxyOne will be listed on Cryptopia, an official exchange partner. MoxyOne aims to be listed on additional exchanges, notably IDEX and other free or pay-to-play exchanges, in the near future.

The Global Conundrum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reports that two billion people in the world conduct financial transactions without the use of a bank whatsoever. Stunning, but true. Many people in poorer countries don’t enjoy the same financial resources and amenities to which consumers in the developed world are accustomed.

Mobile technology, combined with the digitalization of many aspects of daily life, are making conventional financial institutions increasingly unnecessary. Today, even the poorest people have access to a mobile phone and even Wi-Fi. This new reality is paving the way for innovations such as the MoxyOne system.

By providing financial services that are more convenient and “democratized” than physical money, every person around the world can enjoy the power of banking — all in the palm of their hands. Cryptocurrencies bring financial clout to the masses, without the interference of central bankers or government agencies.

And yet, to date, cryptocurrencies still aren’t considered a tradable commodity in most regions of the globe. MoxyOne’s network can solve this issue. Under the current cryptocurrency status quo, any person who wants to make purchases with cryptocurrencies must ensure the entity being paid accepts their tokens. But under the MoxyOne system, any user can pay with supported tokens that they own. These tokens in turn seamlessly convert and pay merchants in local fiat.

Crucial to the operation of the MoxyOne system are liquidity providers, which are individuals or companies that will provide equivalent fiat for the amount of purchase by a user. These providers are located in countries around the world and they’ll make foreign exchange fees obsolete. Cryptocurrencies and fiat will be exchanged at the domestic exchange rate, a huge plus for global users.

SPEND token holders will be able to make purchases even where cryptocurrencies aren’t accepted. Users will have access to a MoxyOne wallet and debit card and will be able to make withdrawals from compatible ATMs. A wallet prototype is being developed by the MoxyOne team and may be released prior to the token sale in early 2018.

The pre-sale starts on February 8 at 01:00 GMT and ends on March 10 at 01:00 GMT. The main token sale event will run from March 14 at 01:00 GMT to April 14 at 01:00 GMT.

Token Sale Information:

Website: https://moxy.one
Token Sale Details: https://moxy.one/token-sale
Whitepaper: https://moxy.one/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/moxyone