I Want to Be

I want to be a poet and create

gorgeous, indelible words.

I want to capture the essence

of life and meaning all around me.

Get my fingers soiled with dirt

and smell like the remnants of fresh cut grass

I want to gaze upon every flower

and ponder the ancestors that are the trees

Praise every visit from the cardinals and bluebirds and tiny birds

I want to delight in every baby giggle

and touch every last bit of dog fur and fluff

I want to experience humanity with every ounce of emotion,

blissful or not

I also want to dress-up


Like the Duchess of Cambridge

in a red dress

and heels

To have a man tell me that I’m beautiful

and as exquisite and awe-inspiring

as the first sighting of a bloomed camellia in the early days of autumn

or like the first time I heard the world’s largest pipe organ played

while strolling through that marble floored Macy’s in Philadelphia

It stops you dead in your tracks and makes you declare

“What a magnificent thing to behold”

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