Election 2016: Brooke’s Recap

I mean, Trump is President-elect. And obviously, everybody’s data was off but I think there is more to learn from this.

  1. White economic Anxiety is not a thing. According to exit polls, those with incomes of less than $30k supported HRC by a slightly higher margin. And Trump won educated whites and whites with higher incomes. I bet they’re economically alright. Also, why don’t people of color ever get anxious and call for deporting whites because they’ve taken our jobs in spite of their ever present mediocrity? We’ve been economically disenfranchised for centuries and all we ever ask for is getting paid what we’re owed. Black people still haven’t recovered from the recession but you don’t see us whining!
  2. Fight harder against voter suppression. I am pretty sure that impacted a lot of the Democratic drop off. People were lied to about IDs and turned away at polls, polling places were limited, early voting days were eliminated and voters were purged from the records. We know who turnout helps and we must be steadfast in this fight from now until 2020. Which means, support state parties and fight for gubernatorial positions.
  3. Sorry my white liberal friends but your Republican friend did not vote for Hillary like they said they would. But it sounded good, huh?
  4. Republicans were never going to vote for HRC. I recall watching the convention and being disgusted by the number of Republicans paraded on that stage. Who told y’all that strategy was smart? What made you think in a time of HIGH partisanship they would jump ship? You telling them you “know they aren’t really racist” and that Trump is an outlier only cemented that they can still support their down ballot GOP members, making it harder for us to take back the Senate. And it was not going to fire up Dems and lefties who were wholly unenthused with the nominee. Wtf was that?
  5. White liberals need to collect their cousins. Those are the Trump voters. Your grandma who says racist things you ignore and your friends from HS whose Facebook statuses you avoid commenting on. You let them go unchecked and uninformed and now we’re here.
  6. Stop lecturing Black people. Y’all didn’t even check for white women and they jumped right on the Trump train. Talking to me about Pookie and Love & Hip-Hop when you should have been talked about Sarah and The Bachelor. Get it together.
  7. Succinct and consistent messaging matters. We aren’t good at this over in the Democratic party. We’re far too cerebral to resonate with the emotion people need. And I get it, most of the movers and shakers within want to know HOW but it is clear that many of the people we NEED do not care. They want ideas and to feel good. Rethink that strategy in 2020.
  8. Earned media is a MF. Don’t think I need to expand on this one.
  9. Abolish the electoral college. It was only created so small states could have more of a say in the Presidency than they deserve. We should just go with the popular vote. And we should vote on a Friday and it should be a national holiday so more of us can exercise our civic duty. Do you even democracy, bro?
  10. Black women are the greatest. If we look at exit poll data (which is all we have at the moment) we were the only people to keep that Trump support at a single digit number. Everyone else was garbage.
  11. We have a lot of work to do. All of our progress is at stake — from reproductive rights to marriage equality — we’ll need to be ready to write, call, march, donate and vote in the off years. Get ready!