10 Things You Need To Know About Introverts
Tom Kuegler

Great article. Sorry to hear communication has broken down (for now) with your good friend. Why not initiate with your own apology? If you are not at fault, the same language can be used as an expression of regret in general, as in “I’m sorry we haven’t been catching up like we usually do. Anything wrong?” You know the specifics of the situation better than me, obviously, but if it’s a friendship worth fighting for, a little humility and an olive branch could smooth the way. Also, fellow INFJ, as you mentioned, you spend too much time in your head, and tend toward a negative slant when ruminating. Check your assumptions at the door and approach a new interaction with fresh innocence. “Playing dumb” is antithetical to your intellectual nature, but often it will bring you closer to reality than your best predictions will. You have superior intuitive powers, yes, but don’t let ego deceive you into overestimating your mind reading abilities. You don’t know other people’s thoughts, and it is not your job to either, let alone respond or act based upon those supposed insights. Particularly with the rare few we vibe with, it is all the more vital to establish and practice really good boundaries. Okay, that’s all, I’ll get off my soap box lol. Thanks for a well-written piece and hope you get things straightened out with your friend soon.

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