I need your loving eyes for a moment…
Jonas Ellison

I really liked this. I felt like I wanted to know where you plan to build this tribe of loving eyes so I could join and then, naturally, I tackled the “loving selfie” challenge.

The word choice is not accidental. Challenging and time-consuming! Lol I must have gone through like 50 practice shots. I quickly realized that what I thought was my face expressing love and acceptance to others is, best case scenario, my RBF. Apparently, when emoting love, I also appear confused, belligerent or sleepy. This caused me to reflect back on the piece and I wondered if the task was intentional for a moment. (Of course dismissed just as quickly as that would be somewhat fantastically genius, pardon if I’m wrong.)

Still, the connection is interesting. As I looked at my selfies and saw the disconnect between my thoughts and my appearance, it made me aware of how much preparation goes into impression making. First instinct is to consider such an approach disingenuous. But with good intentions it can be perfectly worthwhile I think to be premeditated about the image we project.

Idk who @JenniferMarieGady is, but ..

… wow.

And neither does Medium.

You ARE an evil genius.

I would edit my word choice but again it’s intentional because you just wasted my time. And I was pretty damn proud of myself. AND I got the selfie:

Since she doesn’t appear to exist on here, I’ll shoot that at the author. I feel manipulated and dumb. But I still like what I learned …

Oh! And I recently learned to assume good intent, so why not. Much love from a hardfelt believer.

I’m out! Peace ~