Leveragepreneur: People who leverage the name of someone more successful to write inaccurate hit…
Scott Stratten

Nah, I disagree Scott. I had never heard of this GaryVee guy (he had me at “porn" tbh) but I recognize the mentality he describes as a second and third string basketball player who bought the whole “hard work leads to success” mantra right through graduation from a two year college. Basketball did not continue after transfer and I did not miss it. When I think of those years, the hours on the court alone practicing reverse lay ups, the summer camps in Reno in heat so thick running sprints made me want to throw up, the picture that comes to mind is me beating my head against a brick wall, why I do not know. Better idea to just walk around it.

But I worshipped at the altar of never quit, work hard, struggle alone and blast the internal sound track of whatever inspirational music or motto suits you and your ego.

I would have been better off listening to my intuition than blindly following my pride and my belief in a false rhetoric.

You yourself state with no embarrassment that you do not work particularly hard, so it sounds as though you have figured out your life truths for yourself. I think that if we are content and have opportunity to work out of a flow state occasionally then we can sleep well at night and enjoy the satisfaction of success. So the message in this piece is not directed at you, one who has figured out the metrics of your own success.

It is for those without a framework or a clear vision, who are so busy running in a hamster wheel just to keep their head above water that they do not have the time or the energy to question the popular cultural narrative, the same narrative that keeps millions of minimum wage Americans grinding and hoping, but for what? They are too exhausted to articulate what they hope for, or chart their own course to happiness, only contented by the idea their exhaustion is a sign of success or at least progress toward that elusive dream. Instead of the dream they are given college debt, dismal yet unaffordable health care, no minimum wage increases in decades despite inflation and rising cost of living, foreclosures on homeowners and evictions of renters by greedy landlords in the cities. This creates a very unAmerican Dream-like class of people called the “working homeless" among whom I, a college graduate, count myself.

One might argue that the hard work ethic is what got me through college. And I am glad I went, where I majored in sociology and was finally disabused of the lies passed off as truth in an individualistic America, that class, gen and race do not limit any individual willing to pull themselves up by their bootstraps -- that is if doing so doesn’t alarm someone else that you are reaching for a different kind of “strap" and get you dead, shot by a racist sheriff.

If individualism and blind effort do not pay off, how does one survive? Any ideas Scott, as to how one without a rich vineyard-owning dad would be able to find the time or creativity between working three jobs to duplicate the success of this GaryVee character?

Looking forward to your reply.