I used to think all my issues with talking were my own fault. I used too many likes. I was too easy with curse words. My Gemini nature was just too off the cuff.
Sexual Assault and the Problem with a Feminine Tongue
Katie Simpson

Isn’t that the truth! I have 1 sibling-30 year old brother who never talks about feelings and hates conflict. But, he used to get very physical with me and then would trap me in small places to restrict my air when my parents weren’t home. I would call my parents crying; while they were at work, and they always gave the same response- You’re just dramatic. They never believed me. I would try to be strong and state how wrong it was that they never believed me, but they would laugh it off. When I would stand up to my brother he would call me crazy, and the worst was that it stuck as well. I just became the crazy girl.

It is hard to grow up with the view that your emotions are just something to be mocked, and that you’re always exaggerating. It is no wonder that to this day I never have told my family about being raped. I mean, in a way, it was not surprising that my boyfriend didn’t listen to my pleas to stop when I screamed them at him. He watched my family laugh at me and downgrade my opinions. Maybe I was just being dramatic to him? Maybe just being a crazy girl? Maybe my parents would see my rape as just another dramatic tale? But, who cares?…nothing I’ve ever said has made a difference … I’m just a crazy girl who has suffered under my own family’s oppressive hands.

Thanks for writing about such a crucial tropic. There are so many of us women who need to be heard, and have lived many hard years before finding our voices. Before finding out that our words should matter more.

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